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My FootDr Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics treatmentEach year, having a second pair of custom foot orthotics saves thousands of patients significant time, money, hassle and the recurring question: “now which shoes did I leave my orthotics in?.

If you’re on the fence about whether you need that second pair, here’s what you should know.


You won’t accidentally fall behind on your treatment plan or recovery schedule

Your My FootDr custom foot orthotics are a uniquely-prescribed and created medical device that serves a very important purpose – whether it be helping you recover from injury, alleviating your foot pain or discomfort, giving your feet back the support they need, optimising your performance during sports – or prolonging your confidence and independence on your feet.

When you leave them in the wrong pair of shoes and spend a day without them, your feet begin taking on all the strain and pressure that your orthotics will have been relieving, which can lead to the return of painful symptoms, delays in recovery – or even further tissue damage.


Alternating between two pairs of orthotics prolongs the lifespan of them both

When you wear a pair of orthotics all day, you place the full force of your body weight – and often many times more – through them. This compresses the materials, which is why orthotics require a 12-month review to check their wear, compression, and if they’re still doing their job well to keep you comfortable and pain-free.

When you give your orthotics a day of rest in between wearing them by alternating with an identical second pair, however, you give them a chance to dry and recover, and get back to their optimal functioning selves. This prolongs the lifespan of both sets of orthotics to save you time and money.


It’ll also reduce your likelihood of a fungal nail or skin infection, like Athlete’s foot

Fungal infections thrive in warm, moist environments – like in shoes or orthotics that have become moist and don’t get a chance to dry out properly before wearing them again. Having an alternate second pair means you’re placing your feet back into a drier environment to lower this risk, while your feet remain fully supported and your alternate set has a chance to fully air and dry. 


Your second pair doesn’t have to be identical – different styles suit different shoes better

While some people love the effects that their orthotics have on their feet to the point of wanting their second pair to be identical, it absolutely doesn’t have to be. We often make second pairs for shoes with very different styles and requirements, like narrow soccer boots, heeled boots, sandals with a removable innersole, ski boots, and work shoes with a more square or pointed toe box.

Aside from the shape and width of the orthotic, your podiatrist may prescribe different depths around the heel, a different material thickness, and additional features so you’ll feel the most comfortable while remaining fully supported in that particular pair of shoes.


Different materials also suit different activities better

Some materials help you spring back after you take a step, which can be fantastic during sports. Other materials focus on absorbing shock, or optimising your comfort, or maximising your arch support. We have a wide selection of materials and choose these specifically based on your needs. When you have a second pair made for a sports shoe as opposed to the original work boot, for example, we can adjust the materials to optimise your performance and comfort during that activity.


You can stop moving that one pair from shoe to shoe daily

Some people may only move their orthotics into different shoes a couple of times a week. For others, it may be daily. For kids, who go from school shoes to sports shoes to casual shoes in the blink of an eye, it may be multiple times a day. It’s a hassle. And it’s time-consuming. And you can quickly forget which pair of shoes you’ve left them in – and then forget to wear them, which you’ll quickly realise after you’ve left your house right around the time your foot pain may start creeping back.


Your second pair is cheaper

A big part of the cost in the first pair of orthotics is the time and knowledge spent by your podiatrist in conducting your assessment, analysing your gait, completing your foot scan, and creating a custom prescription that ticks all the boxes on the level of support and features your orthotics must have to get you the best results.

With your second pair, a lot of that has already been taken care of, meaning your second pair has a lower cost (and often a quicker turnaround). 


And you can claim a new pair with your private health fund every year

Better yet, if you’re covered for Podiatry Extras with your private health fund, they’ll often let you claim on one pair of orthotics every single year. Just check with your health fund first.


Ready to stop the swap and get that second pair?

We make getting your second pair of custom foot orthotics easy at My FootDr. Book online with your local clinic or call 1800 FOOTDR to request yours today!