Ben Lemmens

Podiatrist Ben Lemmens Profile

Ben is a Podiatrist with a special interest in lower limb injuries, providing orthotic treatments, soft tissue massage/rehabilitation & injection techniques for painful feet. He also enjoys Ben Lemmens Profiletreating a wide range of skin & nail conditions. Having worked in the hospital system for many years in a range of multidisciplinary teams, Ben has the skills and experience to provide effective relief for all conditions which affect the foot and lower limb.  

 Ben’s journey to Podiatry has included experience in massage therapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy assistant and as an orthotic technician before Studying Podiatry in 2013 through Latrobe University in Bendigo. Hailing from the south-west Victorian town of Warrnambool, Ben is currently living in Melbourne with his Pre-Wife Rachel and cat Wren. 

Ben is very dedicated about his Podiatry career, having completed extensive extra study to be able to provide patients with a wide variety of treatment options. 

Ben is currently undertaking a Masters degree through the Glasgow Caledonian University in Podiatric Surgery Theory. His knowledge and ability to utilise evidence-based practice ensures that no stone is left unturned on his patient’s path to wellness. 

In his spare time, Ben is a motorcycle enthusiast and enjoys playing the guitar.