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Dr Gaj Panagoda, Rehabilitation Specialist in Chronic Pain

Rehabilitation Registrar
Rehabilitation Medicine; Chronic Pain

Dr Gaj Panagoda is in the final year of specialist training in Paediatric Rehabilitation and General Paediatrics. His chief interests involve the ongoing care of childhood rehabilitation conditions into adulthood, including cerebral palsy, spina bifida and brain injury. Having previously worked as a physiotherapist, Dr Gaj Panagoda has a strong focus on activity-based  rehabilitation.

He runs a rehabilitation clinic at our Centre of Excellence Camp Hill Clinic on Friday by appointment, as well as clinics at Inala Indigenous Health Service, Morayfield Family Doctors, Moreton Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Services (MATSICHS) Morayfield Clinic.

Please call reception to make an appointment.  No referral is required. All consultations are bulk-billed.

Dr Gaj can assess patients with complex musculoskeletal problems and, if required, can prescribe medical grade and custom footwear as well as orthotic braces. He can assist our patients in applying for MASS subsidised footwear and spinal and knee orthotic braces in conjunction with our Orthotist/Prosthetist Nidhi Solanki.