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Podiatrist Gabi Bogatko

Podiatrist-GabiBogatkoGabi is experienced in all facets of Podiatry including musculoskeletal conditions of the feet and legs, video gait analysis, biomechanical assessment, paediatric foot/leg assessment, lower limb acupuncture/ dry needling and orthotic therapy.

With extensive knowledge working with the top running shoe brands and passionate about shoe technology and advances in footwear, Gabi is well across finding the fit for your foot.

Gabi has a strong interest in all things sport related and is interested in incorporating this into her professional career. She enjoys meeting new athletes, and helping them to be active participants in their own health and well-being.​ She understands the frustration of injury hampering runners reaching their goals, and is able to provide preventative solutions.

Gabi enjoys a challenge, and is always looking to further her knowledge in order to provide the highest quality of podiatric care and treatment options available. Gabi is currently undertaking a Diploma in Football Medicine through the FIFA Medical Network which has created an excellent platform to connect with world leading experts internationally.

Holding professional membership with the Australian Podiatry Association (Apoda), she has a keen interest in furthering her profession and advocating for patients.  Skilled in Pinpoint Laser therapy for fungal nail treatment, and a keen interest in ingrown toenail surgery, she is proficient and passionate about all aspects of her profession and looks forward to greeting you with a smile in clinic.