Podiatrist Joshua Khoury

Joshua-Khoury PodiatristJoshua completed his Bachelor of Podiatry in Brisbane, Queensland. He grew up in South Africa spending his childhood in and out of a family owned Podiatry clinic where his love for the practice began. Josh and his family moved to Queensland in 2003.

After completing his studies he decided once again, to move his life to Melbourne where he now resides. Josh has a love for helping people and inferring the origins of pain and pathology associated with the foot, ankle, knee and hip. He is particularly interested in orthotic prescription used in conjunction with foot strengthening and graduated return-to-function programming. Josh has a passion for strength training and brings this into his working life, where he enjoys formulating simplistic functional rehabilitation routines for sports and post surgery related pathologies.

Josh enjoys meeting new patients, and endeavours to create satisfied clients who are active participants in their own health and well-being. Josh has enjoyed the challenges and rewards of working with My Foot Dr and looks forward to his future with the company.