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Leon Li

Leon Li - Podiatrist

Leon Li - PodiatristLeon Li was originally from China. He was granted Bachelor of Basic Medicine Science (Medicine) in China. He did his hospital internship in Beijing Friendship Hospital, China. He was also granted Bachelor of Podiatry from Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  He joined current practice since 2018 and wants to make every endeavour to improve people’s foot health.

He is enthusiastic and passionate about every podiatry service ( routine treatment, paediatric foot, bio-mechanical assessment, orthotic therapy and diabetic foot management) to help people live a healthier life. He is always happy to answer every question from his patients and help them to find a way forward. He likes managing his patients conservatively first and if necessary, he is the contact person when surgery is warranted. He is empathetic and always willing to try new therapy before applying to his patients.