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Manpreet graduated with a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at the University of Western Australia in 2018. Prior to this, Manpreet studied a Bachelor of Science majoring in Pathology and Physiology at UWA.

Manpreet pursued a career in Podiatry because she always had a strong interest in the health sciences and enjoyed caring and working with patients. Manpreet has always been passionate about trying to help people live their best life they can with limited pain.

Her areas of special interest include biomechanics, sports podiatry, paediatric podiatry and general podiatry.

In her spare time, Manpreet enjoys exercising at the gym and reading. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Manpreet has been involved in many diverse volunteering experiences which she finds very inspiring, such as volunteering in schools, acting as the President of the Podiatric Medicine Students Society at UWA in 2018 and many more. She hopes to continue volunteering and being inspired by the lives around her.