The Foot and Ankle Clinic Podiatrist Melissa Jones

Melissa graduated with a Bachelor of Podiatry from La Trobe University in 2005. Since 2006 Melissa has worked with The Foot and Ankle Clinic, and has worked across most of the Gippsland sites at one time or another. In this time she has also spent 2 years in London working as a podiatrist with the National Health Service.

Over her career as a Podiatrist Melissa has been able to refine her skills and has had extensive clinical experience to provide all forms of Podiatry assessment and treatment, in particular biomechanics and sporting injuries. Melissa has years of extensive experience with running and triathlons and has been a national level track and cross country representative. In more recent years she has competed in a number of Ironman triathlons, and in November 2017 completed the New York Marathon. Melissa is also a qualified running coach and finds her years of Podiatry experience extremely useful when it comes to running technique and injuries.

Melissa loves being part of theFoot and Ankle Clinic team as this enables her to continually build her knowledge and skills through working closely with other Podiatrists. Being part of the team also means access to the latest treatments and technologies to be able to provide highest quality care to her patients.