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Mitch Murray

Mitch was born and raised in Alice Springs, NT.  As a junior, he was lucky to travel majority of Australia through sporting events, representing in AFL, Baseball, Indoor Beach Volleyball and Athletics. More recently he is enjoying running middle distance running and trail run.

He graduated from the Federation University in 2015 with Honours in Exercise and Sports Science, majoring in Rehabilitation. During his honours  he conducted a study on ‘Reliability of a Field Test of Defensive and Attacking Agility in Australian Football and Relationships to Reactive Strength’. More recently he has been studying for a Diploma in Exercise Physiology. .

Over the years, he has gathered a range of experience through his pursue in becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the elite sporting level, with the Ballarat Rebels in the under 18’s TAC Cup, and with Victoria Country under 16’s National sides. However, his team sport and weekends are now taken up with adventures with his little daughter Amalie.