Rainer Maier Certified Practicing Orthotist

Rainer was born in Melbourne and has always had a passion for helping people.

“When I was 14 years old, I was going to the football with my father to see Collingwood play. On the way, we dropped past my Dad’s best friend’s work to pick him up to come to the footy. His name was Winfred. He had established one of Melbourne’s first private prosthetic clinics in Richmond, Melbourne.”

“Winfred asked us into his patient fitting room where he was finishing with a three-year-old girl and her Mum. She was born with a leg deformity and struggled to walk. Unfortunately, her right leg was unable to hold her weight as it was too short and deformed. He finished fitting with her very first prosthetic leg, she just stood up and began walking with the biggest smile I had ever seen.”

“I was so touched and inspired by the huge positive impact this made on her that I decided to study to be a health professional. I now make that difference in other people’s lives.”

For over 24 years Rainer Maier has worked in the health sector, committed to improving the lives of his patients. Rainer has found a unique way to not only treat foot pain and injuries, but to prevent them through the prescription of the correct therapies, as well as custom Orthotics and footwear.

Through his podiatry & orthotic clinics and retail shoe stores, Rainer is training the future generation of clinicians and fitters to be genuinely motivated by the best possible solution and fit for the patient.