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3/121 Newmarket Road
Windsor QLD 4030

my FootDr’s support and warehousing team has moved to our new Healthia support office in Windsor, Brisbane.

Who is Healthia?

Healthia is a diverse group of health based companies whose mission is to enrich the lives of people through world-class health services. We’re proudly Australasia’s leading podiatry group, with over 40 podiatry clinics operating under the My FootDr and Balance Podiatry brands. We are leaders in innovative and quality orthotic manufacturing through our iOrthotics brand. Plus, we supply the industry with medical and podiatry supplies from DBS Medical Supplies. Through our integrated group of companies, we help people live better lives.

Support Office News

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Summer sports a big hit on little feet

As thousands of Australian children sign up for summer sports programs, podiatrists warn many of them could be wearing shoes which permanently damage their feet.

Children spend on average 1000 hours a year in school shoes – and footwear required for popular sports such as cricket, netball, basketball and soccer also add additional pressure on growing feet. Continue reading Summer sports a big hit on little feet

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Little feet a big focus as Australia celebrates National Foot Health Month

Podiatrists are urging parents to take big steps for their children’s feet as part of National Foot Health Month, to help Aussie kids grow up living an active and pain-free life.

Australia’s largest podiatry group, My FootDr podiatry centres, has this month released new research revealing 81% of parents have never taken their child to visit a Podiatrist. Continue reading Little feet a big focus as Australia celebrates National Foot Health Month

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Preventing falls lands on foot health

Podiatry Falls PreventionDid you know that more than 260 people aged 65 and over were hospitalised for a fall-related injury every day in 2016? Don’t let it be you or someone you care about.

As Senior’s Week (Qld) approaches later this month (August 19 – 27), we want to help educate Australians around the importance of preventing falls among our community’s most vulnerable. Continue reading Preventing falls lands on foot health