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Sneakers are the winner this summer

You will have noticed that the casual sneaker has made a comeback, but not in the way we’re used to. The days of casual sneakers exclusively worn with jeans and leggings have gone; now the sneaker pairs perfectly with your favourite summer dress for a modern twist.

This edgy look has been loved by women of all ages for the past two years and has continued to grow becoming a staple in women’s closets. You no longer have to squeeze into your narrow sandals when shopping with friends; now you can slip on casual sneakers to keep your feet happy, and your outfit stylish.

It’s edgy, it’s cool, but more importantly, it’s comfortable. Continue reading Sneakers are the winner this summer

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What’s wrong with my child’s foot

If your child is complaining about sore feet, you’re not alone.

Thousands of Aussie kids face common childhood foot problems ranging from delayed walking, heel pain and growing pains through to ingrown toenails.

Whether they’re experiencing foot pain at night, when they first wake up or when playing sports, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and know what is and isn’t normal – particularly when they live such active lives.

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Avoid sore feet after a day at the races

Melbourne Cup Day is a national tradition where we put on our best dress and high heels for a day of fun, excitement and hopefully choose a few winners.  With a glass of champagne in one hand and a betting card in another, our feet often become our last priority.

A majority of the day is spent standing, walking and wearing uncomfortable high heels that can leave you with blisters and aching feet, holding your heels. If you’re not a winner on the day, you don’t want to add sore feet to your list of losses.

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Foot Guide for Waiting in Lines

If you, like thousands of Australians, are expected to queue around Apple Stores and phone outlets this morning for the new iPhone X, chances are your feet and legs may be in for a bit of pain.

We can’t make the queue go any quicker, but we can give you a few tips on how to avoid sore feet whilst waiting in line. Continue reading Foot Guide for Waiting in Lines

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Summer sports a big hit on little feet

As thousands of Australian children sign up for summer sports programs, podiatrists warn many of them could be wearing shoes which permanently damage their feet.

Children spend on average 1000 hours a year in school shoes – and footwear required for popular sports such as cricket, netball, basketball and soccer also add additional pressure on growing feet. Continue reading Summer sports a big hit on little feet

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For the love of ballet, keep those feet tiptoeing

Whether you dance to feel good, competitively, as a career or just for fun, your greatest asset is your feet. In the world of ballet, dancers are known for their elegant poise and graceful movements. It can be hard to imagine that behind the refined image ballet dancers are often suffering from, and vulnerable to, a range of foot conditions.

The constant pounding of your feet on hard surfaces and long hours spent exercising, training and performing, put your feet under immense pressure and strain. Regardless of age and gender, your feet are vital for your dance performance.

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How to treat fungal nails?

Laser treatment for onychomycosis (fungal nails)

Beautiful Nails Again Information BookletTo treat a problem, a professional must identify and diagnose the problem. You need a dentist to fix and maintain your teeth like you need a Podiatrist to care for your feet! Step one to treating fungal nails is to seek professional assistance from a Podiatrist, who can tailor a solution to your individual condition and provide you with the very best results.

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What causes fungal nails?

What causes fungal nails

What causes fungal nailsIdentifying what causes fungal nail infections is step one in prevention. In our earlier blog, ‘What are fungal nails?’, we identified what fungal nails are and what they look like, but what causes them?

In our lifetime, our feet and toenails are squeezed into shoes too small, knocked around, stood on, painted and clipped – and all this often in the same week! Fungus is present on everyone’s skin and feet. There are three types of fungus that can cause fungal nail infections.

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What are fungal nails?

Fungal Nail Podiatrist

Fungal Nail PodiatristLooking and feeling good is important. We take pride in our hair, skin and overall appearance for our health and confidence. The last thing we expect is to have issues with our toenails.

Fungal nails, or in medical terminology, Onychomycosis, is a common condition that can affect both the fingernails and toenails, but is more often seen in toenails. In fact, around 10% of Australians experience fungal toenails in their lifetime.

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The magic of orthotics

Do you know the feeling when you’ve been walking around all day and your feet really hurt?

You try to remember a time when your feet didn’t hurt. You wish you hadn’t taken that time for granted. You start referring to those days as, ‘the good old days’.

What if we told you, we can take you back to the ‘good old days’? Where exercising, walking and everyday activities do not cause discomfort to your whole body. We’re not time travellers, we’re Podiatrists who specialise in custom-made orthotics. Continue reading The magic of orthotics