Heel Pain Plantar Fasciitis

5 tips to treat heel pain

Are you one of the 48% of Australians that wakes up with heel pain once a week? 

If heel pain is impacting how you move, how you feel, and how you live, then it’s time to get help from My FootDr.

Heel pain, often caused by plantar fasciitis, is a common condition that can cause severe pain at the bottom and inside of the heel. This pain may radiate up into the arch, and indicates that there is some damage to, and subsequent inflammation of, the long band of tissue under the foot known as the plantar fascia.

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Burning feet

Are burning feet making your days long and uncomfortable, or keeping you awake at night? While burning feet is a common complaint in the elderly, it can affect anyone and for a number of reasons. As one of the keys to managing the feeling of burning feet is to address the cause, we’ve shared our top six causes of burning feet that we see and help with here at My FootDr.

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My FootDr podiatrist showing patient shoes

Do you have private health insurance? With a large number of private health funds having a deadline of December 31st 2020 for their customers to use the podiatry services that they pay a premium for,  you now have just three months to take advantage of these benefits. This includes claiming your orthotics rebate on a new or second pair of custom foot orthotics so you can get them with just a low gap*.

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Elderly man walking on beach

If you hold a DVA gold card, you may be eligible for a number of fully subsidised podiatry services – and it all starts with a foot health assessment. If you’ve yet to take advantage of this service – or you have no idea how podiatry can help you, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about your foot health and My FootDr below.

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Common Tradie Foot Problems

It’s Australian Tradies National Health Month and to help support tradie health and encourage a healthy workplace through injury prevention management, our podiatrists are talking about your work boots!  

The shoes you wear every day become the ground you walk on and can influence your risk of injury and pain. We’ve put together this safety boot fitting guide to help you use your work boots to not only protect your feet from hazards – but also keep you moving well and feeling great on your feet. 

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Women leg injury

Here at My FootDr, we have the privilege of helping men and women with a wide range of lower limb problems. This gives us a unique insight into the kinds of injuries men and women tend to sustain more frequently, and the causes behind them. We believe that knowledge is power – and that knowing your risks is a powerful tool to help avoid painful and potentially long-standing injuries. So today, we thought we’d pair our observations with the current research to help answer an all-too-common question: who is more prone to injury, men or women – and why?

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