Your calf muscles play a crucial role every time you walk, run and jump. Without healthy calf muscle function, you remain more vulnerable to lower limb fatigue and overuse injuries. During COVID-19, My FootDr has remained committed to helping our patients achieve their goals whether it be optimal health outcomes or improved performance. When it comes to calf injuries, or any injuries where the calf muscles have contributed to the problem, one of the ways that we have been helping is via telehealth appointments. Today, we’re giving you an insight into the efficacy of telehealth appointments to aid in the management of lower limb injuries – and how you’re able to access these services with our team.

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There are many motivations for us to exercise. It may be to improve our physical strength or fitness, maintain a healthy lifestyle to reap the health benefits, or to lose weight – just to name a few. Whatever your reason for exercise, completing the right kind of exercise can look very different to different people. There is no one size fits all – which is great news! It means you can choose the best, most enjoyable and importantly the most sustainable exercise for you. 

To promote Exercise Right Week this week, we’ve put together 9 tips to help you choose the right exercise for you.

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Running Outside vs. Treadmill Running

Running Outside vs. Treadmill RunningThe gym is closed and now that you can’t hit the treadmill, you’re planning on hitting the road. Running outside certainly has some great advantages – fresh air, time to yourself and a change in terrain. For those of you who do the majority of your runs on a treadmill, however, starting to run outside may feel a little daunting to start with. Here are some tips and things to stay mindful of when preparing for more outdoor running. 

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young woman in the street feeling pain in her ankle

young woman in the street feeling pain in her ankleFoot pain can be excruciating. When it affects your performance at work, it can be even worse. Our jobs can take a large toll on our bodies, which isn’t surprising given how active many of us are throughout our workday. An Australian study looking at steps taken per day over different occupations found that on average [1]:

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Couple walking with dog

Healthy walking Australians spend a lot of time on their feet. On average, you walk over 2.7 million steps every year, equating to 7400 steps per day. That number will be even greater for those rising up to the 10,000 steps per day challenge! You can bet that all these steps add up and take their toll – not just on your body, but on your shoes and orthotics, too.  

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If you have seen a child on a Jolly Jumper (also known as baby bouncers or jumperoos), you might know the look of delight on their face whilst they bounce away. In recent years, however, Jolly Jumpers have come under scrutiny as to whether the may potentially do more harm than good when it comes to healthy lower limb development and reaching developmental milestones. 

This is a question many of our team members are asked by new parents with concerns as to whether they should use one with their child. To help parents make an informed decision, we have explored the current research and facts about jumpers and walkers from a foot and leg health perspective.

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Covid-19 Update

Following government guidelines, we are asking all people who have travelled in the last 14 days not to present to the clinic, and to reschedule their appointment, and we look forward to welcoming them back.

We are asking patients if they are showing signs or symptoms of the Coronavirus not to visit us until they have been cleared by their GP or returned a negative test.

Additional measures we are taking

  • We have made hand sanitisers and hand washing facilities available to all our team members and patients within the clinic. We are following the best guidelines from the Department of Health for cleaning our clinic facilities, waiting areas and equipment. Please refer to the Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Principles for COVID-19 document here.
  • Where possible clinics are being re-arranged to ensure there is less close contact between patients, and as able we are moving our patients quickly through and away from the common areas.

We appreciate that is a challenging time for all and that some of these measures may create some disruption to your treatment. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that keep we can continue to deliver a safe and reassuring service to all of our valued patients.

postpartum exercise If you’ve recently had a baby, then we want to start by saying a massive congratulations! Your body does incredible things during pregnancy – and that’s just before baby arrives! Whether you knew it, or not:

  • Your blood volume increased – by up to 50% – to help supply enough oxygen to your growing baby
  • Your heart may have grown by up to 12% to accommodate the extra blood and get it pumping to your body and baby
  • Aside from growing a baby, you also grew a new organ! Your placenta was formed to provide your baby with the nutrients and oxygen they needed
  • Your uterus expanded more than 500 times its normal size!

With your little one here, you may be wondering when you can throw on your running shoes again – and what your body can handle. To help, we’ve put together a guide on what you can expect when it comes to getting back into exercise in your first three months.

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