At My FootDr Blacktown (formerly Blacktown Podiatry) we cater to the management of all foot problems, foot health and prevention strategies, with a wide range of treatment options. Some of the conditions our podiatrists can help with include dry skin/cracked heels, foot, hip & knee pain, fungal nails, heel pain, ingrowntoe nails (onychocryptosis), leg length discrepancy, Morton’s neuroma, peripheral vascular disease and plantar warts (verruca pedis).

Our podiatrists provide an array of podiatry treatments and services and can help you with everything from biomechanical assessments, diabetic risk assessment, children’s podiatrypreventative foot care and footwear advice. 

Meet Our Blacktown Podiatrists

Stephen Jones
Podiatrist, Blacktown
Rudo Makuyana
Podiatrist, Blacktown
Tony Choo (Minhyeok Choo)
Podiatrist, Blacktown
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