Joyce Ko, Podiatrist at my FootDr podiatry centres Camp Hill

Bulimba Podiatry Centre

Bulimba Doctors
301 Riding Road
Balmoral QLD 4171

We are consulting every 2nd Wednesday from Bulimba Doctors in 301 Riding Road, Balmoral.

Joyce Ko, is the primary Podiatrist and works at the clinic every second Wednesday. She enjoys all aspects of podiatry, with a special interest in lower limb biomechanics and orthotic manufacturing.

Bulimba News

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Preventing falls lands on foot health

Podiatry Falls PreventionDid you know that more than 260 people aged 65 and over were hospitalised for a fall-related injury every day in 2016? Don’t let it be you or someone you care about.

As Senior’s Week (Qld) approaches later this month (August 19 – 27), we want to help educate Australians around the importance of preventing falls among our community’s most vulnerable. Continue reading Preventing falls lands on foot health

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2017 Healthy Feet Survey reveals Australia’s hidden foot problem

This month we are excited to release our inaugural Healthy Feet Survey to help bridge the information gap on foot health through examining how Australians look after their feet and lift the lid on some of the fundamental awareness issues with podiatry as a health service.

Commissioned and published by Australia’s largest podiatry groups My FootDr and Balance Podiatry, the report reveals modern lifestyle demands and ignorance are two major factors impacting on foot health.

Continue reading 2017 Healthy Feet Survey reveals Australia’s hidden foot problem