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Formerly trading as Proarch Podiatry our Cairns Podiatry Centre is the newest addition to the My FootDr family.

What is it that sets our podiatry business apart from every other Cairns podiatrist? It’s simple, we reinvest in our business and provide services that cannot be found anywhere else.

We design, make & fit our orthotics using the latest computerised scanning and milling system. Whether you call them orthotics or arch supports, our goal is to make them quickly, so you can get back to enjoying your active lifestyle.

If you have sore painful heels in the morning when you get out of bed, or throughout the day, our custom-made orthotics can help.

One treatment cannot be used to treat every problem, and every patient, which is why we also offer shockwave therapy, ultrasound, acupuncture, wax foot baths and foot mobilisation.

The latest service introduced is laser treatment for fungal toenails. If you’ve been putting up with ugly yellow, white or brown looking fungal toenails, there is an effective treatment available that is safe, painless, has no side effects and works.

Cairns News

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Find your perfect fit at our end of season sale

Finding the correct shoe for your feet is not always an easy task, especially if you wear orthotics or have foot or leg problems. A comfortable and correctly fitted shoe is paramount for good foot health and the effectiveness of foot orthotics.

Everybody’s feet are different; the right fit for one person can be completely wrong for someone else. When buying shoes, you need the correct footwear for the task and footwear that is correct for your feet. Continue reading Find your perfect fit at our end of season sale

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Netball Shoe Review 2018

My FootDr Netball Shoe Review

My FootDr Netball Shoe ReviewNetball is an extremely fast-paced game that places a lot of stress on the feet, ankles and knees. Therefore, you need the right netball shoes for your feet to reduce the risk of developing or exacerbating injuries.

To help you find your perfect netball shoe we have compared the most popular styles from leading brands to help you decide on what’s the best fit for you. Download our free eBook today! Continue reading Netball Shoe Review 2018

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School shoes (And Why It’s Not Just About Fit)

We all know kids grow a lot over the school holidays and often you need to buy new uniforms and new school shoes.

If their uniform is a little baggy that’s fine, it’s not a fashion contest, and they’ll grow into it during the year. However, school shoes must fit correctly from the get-go. Continue reading School shoes (And Why It’s Not Just About Fit)