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Cairns Podiatry Centre

Shop 2, 494 Mulgrave Road
Earlville QLD 4870

Formerly trading as Proarch Podiatry our Cairns Podiatry Centre is the newest addition to the my FootDr family.

What is it that sets our podiatry business apart from every other Cairns podiatrist? It’s simple, we reinvest in our business and provide services that cannot be found anywhere else.

We design, make & fit our orthotics within 24 hours guaranteed, using the latest computerised scanning and milling system. Whether you call them orthotics or arch supports, our goal is to make them quickly, so you can get back to enjoying your active lifestyle.

If you have sore painful heels in the morning when you get out of bed, that’s not normal and you want the problem fixed now, not in two weeks, which is why we provide a 24 hour orthotic service.

One treatment cannot be used to treat every problem, and every patient, which is why we also offer shockwave therapy, ultrasound, acupuncture, wax foot baths and foot mobilisation.

The latest service introduced is laser treatment for fungal toenails. If you’ve been putting up with ugly yellow, white or brown looking fungal toenails, there is an effective treatment available that is safe, painless, has no side effects and works.

Cairns News

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Don’t let shin splints cut your netball season short

Netball Netball is the most popular female sport in Australia, with women and children alike participating in the high-intensity, fast-paced game. But with every dodge, intercept or ‘break’, comes the potential for injury.

As the netball season intensifies and the expectations at training, game days and carnivals rise, we see a myriad of new aches and pains; with the most common being shin splints.  Continue reading Don’t let shin splints cut your netball season short

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Put your child’s best foot forward

Children Podiatry

Children PodiatryAnkle and foot problems are extremely common in children of all ages. While some issues are hereditary, most are due to strain in physical activities and sports. These issues are often overlooked and labeled as either insignificant or parents mistake them for growing pains.

As Podiatrists, we know it’s important to keep an eye out for foot or ankle problems that your child may have and to make sure the right precautions are taken. Continue reading Put your child’s best foot forward

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Is foot pain stopping you from running?

Do you have foot pain when you run

Do you have foot pain when you runWith many major endurance running events happening across the country such as the Cairns Ironman, Townsville Running Festival and the Gold Coast Marathon just around the corner, it’s a timely reminder to think about how these types of events may impact our foot health.

The last thing anyone needs at this stage is to obtain an injury or a minor symptom to turn into something that limits their ability to perform or even compete. Continue reading Is foot pain stopping you from running?