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Amaroo Custom Sandals with Pink StrapsmySandal ...your perfect solemate

Are you looking for sandals that fit your feet like they should? mySandal custom made orthotic sandals are your perfect solemate.

If you already wear orthotics but don’t want to be confined to regular shoes, my FootDr podiatry centres can custom make your own pair of orthotic sandals with a wide range of styles. If you don’t wear orthotics in your shoes but require more arch support or want the most comfortable sandals on the planet, call us now or book an appointment online.

Amaroo Custom Sandals with Zebra PatternAll of our sandals are handcrafted by our highly skilled orthopaedic boot makers and pedorthists in our orthotic laboratory and are made from your choice of leather colours and styles to best fit your style and foot shape.

Our podiatrists can take a precision scan of the contours of your feet to an accuracy of 0.1mm and mill out a footbed that perfectly fits your foot. Your sandals are actually built around this footbed using your choice of uppers and sole units.

Custom White Sandals

Don’t forget that these custom-made sandals are actually made from your very own orthotic footbed and can be claimed through our HICAPS facility on your health fund rebate!