Recently retired or counting down the days? While the thought of retirement and being able to spend our days enjoying activities like golf, long walks and ample time with the grandkids is very exciting, there’s an unspoken catch: to maximise your involvement in all the physical activities you enjoy, you’ve got to stay mobile and comfortable on your feet

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Changes to feet as getting old

Does the ground feel firmer and less forgiving than it used to?

Do you struggle to find comfortable shoes – or ones that are wide enough for your feet?

Do your feet often swell and you’re not sure why?

All these changes, alongside many others, can be explained by the natural changes our feet go through as we get older. Thankfully, these changes don’t have to mean putting up with aches and pains in our everyday lives – especially if these symptoms are affecting our ability to move, stay independent, and do the things we love. Our podiatry team helps older adults stay active and pain-free on their feet every day – and today we’ve shared seven common changes to your feet that you may experience as you age.

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