If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, then it’s likely that your GP and diabetes nurse have made it clear: your feet are at risk, and you must look after them carefully. But what are they at risk of – why is foot care so important – and of all the areas of the body to be concerned about, why the feet?

Today, Australia’s leading podiatry team here at My FootDr answer these questions and show you why your body will endlessly thank you for taking the time to look after your feet. 

First Thing’s First: Why The Feet?

The symptoms of diabetes often begin in the feet first as they are the furthest away from our heart and spine, making them prone to poor circulation and nerve damage. This makes your feet vulnerable to a number of problems that can quickly turn serious – and even limb-threatening – without the right care and attention.

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When you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with large amounts of new information. From what foods should be avoided and the regular blood sugar monitoring, to learning and understanding the signs that something isn’t right, to how to best protect your health so that serious problems don’t develop – it can be a lot for a person to take in. 

Foot problems pose a large risk to the health of those with diabetes, yet many remain unaware of the dangers, are unable to reach their feet to adequately care for them, or may place their foot health on the backburner while they navigate coming to terms with the other aspects of their diabetes.

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