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Football Boot Review 2018

To get the most out of your game and your body, you need to wear the right football boots for your feet. Our podiatrist have reviewed over 20 men’s and women’s football boots from leading brands to help you find the best fit for your game. Download our free eBook today! Continue reading Football Boot Review 2018

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School shoes (And Why It’s Not Just About Fit)

We all know kids grow a lot over the school holidays and often you need to buy new uniforms and new school shoes.

If their uniform is a little baggy that’s fine, it’s not a fashion contest, and they’ll grow into it during the year. However, school shoes must fit correctly from the get-go. Continue reading School shoes (And Why It’s Not Just About Fit)

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Foot Guide for Waiting in Lines

If you, like thousands of Australians, are expected to queue around Apple Stores and phone outlets this morning for the new iPhone X, chances are your feet and legs may be in for a bit of pain.

We can’t make the queue go any quicker, but we can give you a few tips on how to avoid sore feet whilst waiting in line. Continue reading Foot Guide for Waiting in Lines

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It’s Valentine’s Day… Love your feet!

Valentine's Day - Love Your Feet

Valentine's Day - Love Your FeetWhen was the last time you gave your feet some love? This Valentine’s Day we’re reminding all women and men to love your feet!

All feet are beautiful and all feet need to be looked after. Below are our top tips for looking after your feet: Continue reading It’s Valentine’s Day… Love your feet!

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Back To School Foot Health for Kids

Back To School Kids ShoesThe development of a child’s foot and lower limb is critical to ensure that they are able to enjoy a happy, healthy and active adult life. Kids feet and legs develop very rapidly, and it can be difficult for parents to know what is normal, and what isn’t. The growing foot needs special care as the bones are predominantly cartilage, and as such they cannot be considered “small adults”. The start of the new school year often means that new school shoes are necessary. Here is a quick overview of a child foot and some tips on getting fitted for good quality shoes for your child this year.

Continue reading Back To School Foot Health for Kids