A Controlled Ankle Movement (CAM) Walker is an Orthosis (BRACE) designed to immobilise and offload weight of the ankle & foot. It’s often used as a substitute for plaster casts because it’s a more durable, hygienic, and easily removable. The walker takes partial weight off the foot/ankle and a rocker sole to allow easier walking to provide superior healing and mobility. The benefits of a correctly clinically fitted and aligned CAM Walker are:

  • Often no need or vastly reduced need for crutches
  • Easily removed for washing and dressing changes for less skin problems and smell compared to plaster
  • Easy walking to get you back to work and daily living quickly
  • Less pain due to weight offloading effect
  • An optional Air (Pneumatic) CAM Walker to helps stabilize fractures and reduce swelling
  • Closed toe and hard shell options are also available for those returning to work

Why have I been prescribed a cam walker?

CAM Walkers must be fitted by a specialist medically trained practitioner. Fractures: If you have a fracture of the foot or ankle, it will prevent movement and reduce stress applied to the fractured bone during healing by taking partial weight off the foot and ankle. Some muscular movement is still encouraged within the leg which can reduce the duration rehabilitation therapy. Ligament & Soft tissue Injuries: If you have a more severe ligament strain / rupture, it will prevent excessive movement of the affected ligament and contributes to stability for rapid healing.

How do I put it on & off?

Putting On-Ensure the heel sits in the back and bottom of the liner and close firmly. Fastening straps from the bottom strap and work your way up, ensuring straps are firm. Do not disrupt your walker fit & alignment by removing the inner liner. Taking Off- Open the 5 straps and then the liner. Slide your foot forward out of the boot. You may remove for showering or cover with a bag as prescribed by Complete Feet.

Your personalised treatment / rehabilitation plan

Severe fractures may be painful to initially allow weight on, so walking with a set of crutches or a walking stick (to be used in the opposite hand) may be required. Compression bandage, ice, pain medication, elevation and rest may also be prescribed. Your CAM walker must be worn for a minimum of the amount of weeks prescribed by your Complete Feet Practitioner or Doctor.

When should I wear my moon boot?

Every fracture and injury is unique, as is the health and mobility requirements of each individual. Your assessment takes into account your fracture or injury, health, medications and mobility requirements. Some fractures may require the use of the walker 24 hours whilst others may be able to be taken off for sleeping. Each CAM Walker requires a different set of ‘clinical rules’ and you will be advised by your Complete Feet practitioner and referring Medical specialist about wearing times.


  • Foot & Ankle Fractures
  • Foot & Ankle Stress Fractures
  • Achillies and tendon tears
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers

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