Custom Footwear

Our custom-made footwear doesn’t just feel great on your feet – it looks great too. We offer a wide range of shoes for our patients, including elegant fashion shoes, custom boots, medical-grade footwear, orthopaedic footwear, and even stylish sandals with orthotic support. The sky’s the limit when combining what your feet need with the styles of shoes you love!

You may want your shoes to include:

  • Full sole build-ups to help correct leg length differences
  • Heel raises, to help shortened Achilles tendons and other problems
  • Relasting shoes to fit your feet
  • Shoe stretching, to accommodate foot deformities or other problems
  • Medial and lateral flares and buttressing, to accommodate problems like bunions
  • Offloading poron-filled apertures, to help relieve high-pressure areas 
  • Carbon fibre stiffening
  • Cricket and golf shoe spiking
  • Sports shoe adjustments
  • Every type of rocker sole imaginable

… And much more! 

Custom footwear for a range of problems and conditions

We can custom make medical-grade footwear for problems like diabetic Charcot’s foot, bunions, arthritic foot changes, foot ulcers, amputations, other foot deformities, fractures that require shoe modifications and many more. We also help many children with gait disorders including cerebral palsy and neurological disorders. 

We can supply all podiatry and orthopaedic clinics, and have a close relationship with some of Australia’s finest rheumatologists, physiotherapists, endocrinologists, surgeons and rehabilitation specialists.

Uniquely qualified

Our founding directors, Greg Dower and Darren Stewart, are uniquely qualified in Australia with a dual certification in both podiatry and pedorthics. Along with some of the finest pedorthists, podiatrists, orthotists and orthopaedic boot makers from around the world, our team at My FootDr has the experience and skills required for any custom footwear project.

Our patients include members of the Australian cricket team, the Queensland Bulls, the Brisbane Heat, overseas dignitaries, patients with diabetic ulcers and customers who need orthopaedic footwear but want them to look like regular fashion shoes.

Our onsite prosthetic and orthotist laboratory also enables us to provide expert service to amputees requiring footwear modifications and new footwear from scratch.


We are very pleased to accept referrals from any practitioner, and can access private health insurance, MASS, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Team Care Arrangement, National Disability Scheme and other third-party funding.

If you are a practitioner wanting to refer a patient, or a member of the general public wanting to know more about myPedorthist, please feel free to submit your inquiry here.