Engineered for comfort. Designed for life. The guiding principles of our business remain the same, some 33 years later. From the introduction of our first walking shoe in 1985 to the full line of footwear we offer today; comfort, stability, style and protection, plus a wide array of sizes and widths, have been the promise of our brand. Propet continues to provide a full range of footwear options for both men and women looking for comfort with a sense of style.

From the supple leather uppers used, to the cushioned mid-soles that serve as the very foundation of our product, you can truly count on the strength of Propet to be there. Propet specialises in providing something more than just your standard walking or duty shoe. We are offering a vision of providing the best quality at the best value for you and your customers.

With diabetes on the rise around the world, there is an increasing need for care-sensitive shoes for patients with special foot care needs. Propet recognises this need and has the shoe that is just right for that special customer. Propet focuses on providing the durability, comfort and stability you can count on.

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