my FootDr podiatry centres at Redcliffe's Dolphins Shopping Centre

my FootDr podiatry centres at Redcliffe's Dolphins Shopping Centre

Located in Redcliffe Dolphins Shopping Centre, our Redcliffe podiatry clinic adjacent to the Redcliffe Leagues Club on the Brisbane’s Northside.

Our Redcliffe podiatry centre is equipped with state of the art podiatric equipment, such as video gait analysis equipment for comprehensive biomechanical examinations, 3D foot scanning for orthotic manufacturing and two dedicated surgical rooms for ingrown toenail surgeries and general footcare.

We treat a wide range of foot, ankle and lower leg conditions including heel pain (plantar fasciitis)Achilles Tendinopathyshin splints (medial tibial periostitis), bunions (hallux valgus), forefoot pain (Morton’s neuroma), foot and ankle sprains, knee pain (e.g. patellofemoral pain syndrome) and sports injuries.

When your feet need a little extra support, our team of highly-qualified podiatrists may prescribe custom foot orthotics to help alleviate and prevent foot, ankle, and knee pain, and improve your balance and foot function in general. From children to professional sports athletes, My FootDr has helped support many happy feet across the country, and is proudly the leading provider of custom foot orthotics in Redcliffe.

My FootDr Redcliffe provides podiatry services to the Peninsula, Kippa Ring, Margate, Rothwell, Scarborough and surrounding areas.