Aged Footcare

Seniors footcare

What Is Seniors Footcare Podiatry?

As we age, our bodies go through changes that can make it difficult to do a good job of caring for our feet. From natural body changes like thinning fat pads beneath our feet that make our bones more prominent, to being unable to reach our feet or see their undersides. This is one aspect of what our senior footcare services help with.

We also help with promoting your mobility, assisting with balance, improving your comfort on your feet, and treating any pains and problems so you can stay independent for as long as you want. From falls prevention to injury treatment our team is here to help you reach your goals.

Why Is Seniors Footcare Important?

With more people living longer than ever before here in Australia, it has never been more important to prioritise your foot care to keep you mobile and able to do the things you want. Many common foot and leg problems don’t just go away on their own, and neglecting these can lead to serious complications as they progressively worsen. By treating problems in the early stages, or preventing them in the first place, you can save yourself a great deal of trouble, pain and frustration. 


What Are Common Foot Problems For The Elderly?

Common problems that we see and treat here at My FootDr include:


What Senior Podiatry Services Do We Offer?

At My FootDr, we proudly offer a wide range of treatments and services for the foot, leg and mobility problems that are encountered in later life. This includes:


How We Help With Foot Circulation Problems In The Elderly

When you have problems with your circulation, you may notice signs like cold, pale feet and no hair on your toes. While this may seem minor, it can pose some serious risks for your feet. When your circulation is diminished, everyday cuts and scratches take longer to heal, so they’re more vulnerable to infection. If an infection develops, it will also be harder for your body to fight the infection with reduced blood flow.

We perform regular foot health checks to keep an eye on the condition of your feet and monitor for any changes or problems developing. When we can treat a problem early, we can help you get the best results and help prevent complications from arising. This is done during both clinical podiatry appointments and diabetic foot health checks.

Senior Footcare FAQs

What causes burning feet in old age?

Burning sensations in the feet and legs are usually related to problems with the nerves. This is common in conditions like diabetes, but may also be a result of your foot posture, a neuroma, an Athlete’s foot infection, nerve entrapment and more. We’ve explained all these causes here.

What causes swollen feet in the elderly?

In our later years, regularly swollen feet and ankles are usually caused by problems with the veins, medications you may be taking, or be a symptom of a condition you have. We’ve explained all the causes of swollen feet and ankles in people of all ages here.

What causes blue feet in the elderly?

When our blood contains lots of oxygen, it is bright red. A blue or purple appearance in the feet may indicate a lower oxygen level in the blood or restrictions in blood flow through the feet and legs. This may be a result of cool temperatures that narrow the blood vessels, or be a sign of an underlying medical condition – some of which may be serious. If you’re noticing blue feet, it’s important to let your podiatrist and GP know.

What are the best shoes for elderly feet?

While this really depends on the person and any foot problems they may or may not have, generally speaking, you want shoes that offer support and good grip for slip resistance. You want them to feel comfortable and not be too heavy, so your feet don’t tire quickly as you walk. If you have diabetes, you want them to be seamless on the inside to reduce the risk of rubbing and causing accidental damage.

To maximise your support and comfort in your shoes, you can use custom foot orthotics to provide anything your feet may be lacking – from support for arches to pressure relief from achy swollen joints to extra cushioning for thin fat pads.