Meet The Team

We’re proud of the team we have brought together over the years. Find out more about their roles, qualifications and what motivates them to bring you the very best in footcare.

Greg Dower, Podiatrist, Pedorthist & Founding Director of my FootDr podiatry centres

Greg Dower

Podiatrist, Pedorthist & Founding Director
Darren Stewart, Podiatrist, Pedorthist & Founding Director of my FootDr podiatry centres

Darren Stewart

Podiatrist, Pedorthist & Founding Director
Nick Hickey, Supervising Podiatrist at Cleveland

Nick Hickey

Podiatrist, Director & Partner of Cleveland, Brookwater & Sunnybank
Matt Herd, Supervising Podiatrist

Matt Herd

Supervising Podiatrist, Singapore & Asian Director
Glen Metassa, Supervising Podiatrist at Shailer Park

Glen Metassa

Supervising Podiatrist, Shailer Park
Ian Goodchild, my FootDr Podiatrist

Ian Goodchild

Supervising Podiatrist, Camp Hill

Aaron Carey

Podiatrist, Rockhampton

Abbey Smith

Podiatrist, Unley & Christies Beach

Ali Thom

Podiatrist, Warwick Grove
Amanda Fellmann, Practice Manager at my FootDr podiatry

Amanda Richardson

Area Manager

Angela Boult

Podiatrist, Townsville

Anna McIntosh

Podiatrist, Hove

Anthony Larsen

Remedial Massage & Sports Therapist

Bevan Charlton-White

Podiatrist, Dubbo

Brooke Selby

Podiatrist, Singapore

Caitlin Wright

Receptionist, Camp Hill

Cameron Bennet

Podiatrist, Redcliffe
my FootDr Rockhampton

Cameron Chaplin

Podiatrist, Rockhampton
Carol Beahan, Receptionist

Carol Beahan

Receptionist, Stafford Heights

Charles Zwiegelaar

Podiatrist, Singapore

Cherie Arcidiacono

Podiatry Nurse & Receptionist, Mackay
Chloe Perry, Receptionist

Chloe Perry

Receptionist, Stafford

Chris Angel

Podiatrist, Ispahan
Chris Dwyer, Receptionist

Chris Dwyer

Receptionist, Indooroopilly

Christopher Angel

Podiatrist, Ispahan
Claire Simpson, Podiatrist

Claire Simpson

Podiatrist, Redcliffe

Courtney Schuller

Receptionist, Redcliffe
Daniel van Hoof-Harkin, Laboratory Technician, Receptionist & Podiatry Student

Daniel van Hoof-Harkin

Podiatrist, Camp Hill

Darshika Trikam

Receptionist, Fortitude Valley

David Do

Podiatrist, Mitchelton

Dean Hartley

Chief Information Office & Executive Director
Denholm Smith, Podiatrist

Denholm Smith

Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Dianne Mann, Receptionist

Dianne Mann

Receptionist, Gumdale

Dilan Jayawardana

Podiatrist, Townsville

Dominique Carnley

Podiatrist, Robina

Dr Gaj Panagoda

Rehabilitation Specialist in Chronic Pain
Dr Luke Kelly, Biomechanist for Cricket Australia

Dr Luke Kelly

Musculoskeletal & Sports Podiatry Consultant, Robina
Dr Saul Geffen, Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr Saul Geffen

Rehabilitation Specialist
Dr Tarunisha Sharma, Rehabilitation Physician

Dr Tarunisha Sharma

Rehabilitation Physician
Ellie Saw, Receptionist, Brisbane CBD

Ellie Saw

Receptionist, Brisbane CBD

Emma Phelps

Podiatrist, Thuringowa

Emma Rogers

Podiatrist, Christies Beach & McLaren Vale
Eugene Gordon, Pedorthist and Orthotic Lab Techician at my FootDr podiatry centres Camp Hill

Eugene Gordon

Gary Chasney, Practice Manager

Gary Chasney

Practice Manager, Devonport

Gavin Daly

Podiatrist, Modbury
Podiatrist Brookwater

Gemma Brown

Podiatrist, Brookwater
My FootDr Podiatrist Stafford

Genevieve Schweitzer

Podiatrist, Stafford

Glen Evangelista

Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director
Glen Richards, Chief Of Strategy

Glen Richards

Director & Chief Of Strategy

Hannah McDonald

Receptionist, Indooroopilly

Hiep Pham

Podiatrist, Warwick Grove

Il-Hwan Oh

Podiatrist, Rockhampton
Isabel Chasney, Podiatrist

Isabel Chasney

Podiatrist, Devonport

James Harata-Lee

Podiatrist, Modbury

Jane Nash

Podiatrist, Devonport & Ispahan

Jayne Palmer

Podiatrist, Stirling
Jeanie Ho, Receptionist, Singapore

Jeanie Ho

Receptionist, Singapore

Jeff Wang

Podiatrist, Toowoomba

Jennifer Davies

Receptionist, Cairns
Jessica Hingston, Receptionist

Jessica Hingston

Receptionist, Devonport

Jessica Smith

Receptionist, Hope Island

Jessie Bates

Podiatrist, Wembley Downs

Joanna McHenry

Lab Technician, Townsville
John Gallagher, Orthotic Laboratory Technician

John Gallagher

Laboratory Technician, Receptionist & Podiatry Student

Jorge Bernal Manriquez


Joshua Kinsman

Podiatrist, Blackwood
Joyce Ko, Podiatrist at my FootDr podiatry centres Camp Hill

Joyce Ko

Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Justin Parker_my FootDr Modbury

Justin Parker

Podiatrist, Modbury

Karina Schuberg

Podiatrist, Casuarina
Keely Roberston, Receptionist, Redcliffe

Keely Robertson

Receptionist, Redcliffe

Kellie Cottrell

Receptionist, Hope Island
Kelly Ogden, Podiatrist

Kelly Ogden

Podiatrist, Brisbane CBD

Kelly Wilson

Receptionist, Townsville

Key Nahan

Podiatrist, Cannington

Kieren Gallagher

Podiatrist, Stafford

Kirsty McKay

Practice Manager, Robina

Lachlan Crawford

Podiatrist, Mackay

Lauren Lake

Receptionist, Cleveland
Lisa Silver, General Manager

Lisa Silver

General Manager

Louise Koch

Receptionist, Shailer Park
Lucy Smith, Receptionist & Podiatrist Student

Lucy Smith

Receptionist & Podiatry Student, Indooroopilly
Luis Podiatrists my FootDr Brisbane

Luis Rivera

Podiatrist, Fortitude Valley & Brisbane CBD

Luke Hewiit

Podiatrist, Casuarina
Maddy Simson, Podiatrist

Maddy Simson

Podiatrist, Cleveland & Sunnybank
Madeleine Mee, Podiatrist

Madeleine Mee

Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Madison Knight_Podiatrist Tweed Heads

Madison Knight

Podiatrist, Tweed Heads
my FootDr Townsville Marcus Podiatrist

Marcus Roche

Podiatrist, Townsville

Mark Demasi

Podiatrist, Christies Beach
Marta Karna, Receptionist

Marta Karna

Receptionist, Robina

Matt Keating

Podiatrist, Wembley Downs

Matthew Sharrock

Podiatrist, Ispahan
My FootDr Tweed Heads

Mitchell Paterson

Podatrist, Robina

Monique Francis

Podiatrist, Blackwood & Stirling
Nadia_my FootDr Modbury

Nadia Manly

Podiatrist, Modbury

Natalie Thompson

Podiatrist, Camp Hill

Natalie Truong

Receptionist & Podiatry Student

Nathan Fittock

Podiatrist, Townsville

Nathan Montgomery

Podiatrist, Mackay
Niall Wafer, Osteopath, Singapore

Niall Wafer


Nic Sopru

Podiatrist, Christies Beach and Moana
Nick Bedford, Marketing & ICT Support

Nick Bedford

Graphic Designer, Photographer & Web Developer
Nick Childs, Podiatrist

Nick Childs

Podiatrist, Stafford
Nidhi Solanki, Orthotist

Nidhi Solanki

Orthotist & Prosthetist

Paris Coote

Receptionist, Camp Hill

Paul Ovaska

Podiatrist, Townsville

Rachael Riby

Podiatrist, Camp Hill

Rachel McClintock

Podiatrist, Blackwood & Stirling

Rebecca Harry

Podiatrist, Cleveland

Regine Looi

Ria Kartika Podiatrist Stafford

Ria Kartika

Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Robyn Thompson, Receptionist

Robyn Thompson

Receptionist, Camp Hill
Sam Lindsay, Podiatrist

Sam Lindsay

Podiatrist, Fortitude Valley

Sam Nicholson

Practice Manager, Cairns

Sarah Lindberg

Receptionist, Townsville

Sarah Stephenson

Podiatrist, Ispahan
Sebastian Buchanan, Podiatrist

Sebastian Buchanan

Podiatrist, Indooroopilly
Sharon Sanders, Podiatrist

Sharon Sanders

Podiatrist, Camp Hill

Shevon Weerasuriya

Podiatrist, Unley, Christies Beach & McLaren Vale
Simon Dellamelva my FootDr Christies Beach and Unley

Simon Dellamalva

Podiatrist, Christies Beach
Simon McSweeney, Podiatrist

Simon McSweeney

Podiatrist, Camp Hill

Sophie Su

Podiatrist, Casuarina

Spiro Vithoulkas

Podiatrist, Unley

Stacey Keating

Podiatrist, Wembley Downs

Stephanie Underdown

Podiatrist, Whitsundays
Suzie Watterson, Podiatrist

Suzie Watterson

Podiatrist, Robina

Tara Celenza

Podiatrist, Warwick
Theresa Nguyen my FootDr Hope Island and Robina

Theresa Nguyen

Podiatrist, Hope Island & Robina
Thomas O'Connell_Podiatrist Hope Island

Thomas O'Connell

Podiatrist, Hope Island
Tiffany Bourne, Podiatrist

Tiffany Bourne

Podiatrist, Stafford
Tracy Wilson, Marketing Manager

Tracy Wilson

Marketing Manager

Trent Johnston

Podiatrist, Townsville
Tyson Franklin Junior_My FootDr Cairns

Tyson Franklin (Jr)

Podiatrist, Cairns
Vy Pham, Podiatrist

Vy Pham

Podiatrist, Gumdale

Wakana Sasaki

Clinical Nutrionist / Naturopath, Singapore

Wesley Coote

Chief Financial Officer