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We’re proud of the team we have brought together over the years. Find out more about their roles, qualifications and what motivates them to bring you the very best in footcare. With over 152 podiatry professionals, you can rest assured that we have a practitioner suited to your needs.

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Aaron Carey - Podiatrist
Aaron Carey
Podiatrist, Rockhampton & Yeppoon
Abbey Carpinelli (nee Smith) - Podiatrist
Abbey Carpinelli (nee Smith)
Podiatrist, Unley
Adrian Singh - Podiatrist
Adrian Singh
Podiatrist, Redcliffe
Aidan Goan - Podiatrist
Aidan Goan
Podiatrist, Cleveland
Albin Lui - Podiatrist
Albin Lui
Podiatrist, Wimmera
Alex Awwad - Podiatrist
Alex Awwad
Podiatrist, Blackwood & Hove
Alexandra Turnbull - Podiatrist
Alexandra Turnbull
Podiatrist, North Lakes & Redcliffe
Alexzarndra Star - Podiatrist
Alexzarndra Star
Podiatrist, Beerwah & Redcliffe
Ali Aljurani - Podiatrist
Ali Aljurani
Podiatrist, Casula, Mittagong, Moorebank & Narellan
Ali Thom - Podiatrist
Ali Thom
Podiatrist, Warwick
Anastasia Alpatskaya - Podiatrist
Anastasia Alpatskaya
Podiatrist, Casuarina (Darwin)
Andrew Pratt - Podiatrist
Andrew Pratt
Podiatrist, Forest Lake (Allsports Podiatry) & The Gap (Allsports Podiatry)
Anna Bryant - Podiatrist
Anna Bryant
Podiatrist, Bargara (Advanced Foot Care) & Bundaberg (Advanced Foot Care)
Anne Sinclair
Podiatrist, Bathurst (Previously Keppel St Podiatry)
Anthony Furfari - Podiatrist
Anthony Furfari
Podiatrist, Modbury & Stirling
Anthony Sourial - Podiatrist
Anthony Sourial
Podiatrist, Blacktown
Asha Macalin - Podiatrist
Asha Macalin
Podiatrist, Casula
Asiyeh Ghulami - Podiatrist
Asiyeh Ghulami
Podiatrist, Orange
Ben Kuschert - Podiatry Student & Lab Technician
Ben Kuschert
Podiatry Student & Lab Technician
Bevan Charlton-White - Podiatrist
Bevan Charlton-White
Podiatrist, Dubbo
Brad Lester - Podiatrist
Brad Lester
Podiatrist, Brisbane CBD
Breanna Lewis - Podiatrist
Breanna Lewis
Podiatrist, Toowoomba
Brendan Lord - Podiatrist
Brendan Lord
Podiatrist, Leongatha & Warragul
Brett Benham - Podiatrist
Brett Benham
Podiatrist, Aldinga, Christies Beach & Hove
Cameron Chaplin - Podiatrist
Cameron Chaplin
Podiatrist, Brookwater & Ipswich
Cameron Fawcett - Podiatrist
Cameron Fawcett
Podiatrist, Brookwater
Cameron Liles - Podiatrist
Cameron Liles
Podiatrist, Orange & Bathurst (Previously Keppel St Podiatry)
Camille Ciottariello
Podiatrist, Cleveland
Carissa McMahon - Podiatrist
Carissa McMahon
Podiatrist, Casula
Cassandra McKenzie - Podiatrist
Cassandra McKenzie
Podiatrist, Wodonga (Border Podiatry)
Chris Angel - Podiatrist
Chris Angel
Podiatrist, South Hobart (Ispahan)
Chris Lofts - Podiatrist
Chris Lofts
Podiatrist, Orange
Christie Work - Podiatrist
Christie Work
Podiatrist, Brisbane CBD
Christy Liaw - Podiatrist
Christy Liaw
Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Claire Flynn - Podiatrist
Claire Flynn
Podiatrist, Hove
Claire Simpson (Maternity Leave) - Podiatrist
Claire Simpson (Maternity Leave)
Podiatrist, Redcliffe
Claudia Filleti - Podiatrist
Claudia Filleti
Podiatrist, Queenstown (Tripod Podiatry) & Aldinga
Corey Drew - Podiatrist
Corey Drew
Podiatrist, Dubbo
Craig Bramwell - Podiatrist
Craig Bramwell
Podiatrist, Emerald Lakes & Robina
Cristina Smundin - Podiatrist
Cristina Smundin
Podiatrist, Fortitude Valley & Gumdale
Daniel van Hoof-Harkin - Podiatrist
Daniel van Hoof-Harkin
Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Danielle McKinlay - Podiatrist
Danielle McKinlay
Podiatrist, South Hobart (Ispahan)
Darren Stewart - Podiatrist, Pedorthist & Founding Director
Darren Stewart
Podiatrist, Pedorthist & Founding Director, Camp Hill, Emerald Lakes & Robina
David Do - Podiatrist
David Do
Podiatrist, Mitchelton
David Lee - Podiatrist
David Lee
Podiatrist, Leongatha & Warragul
Dean Hartley - Chief Information Office & Executive Director
Dean Hartley
Chief Information Office & Executive Director
Debbie Rothsay (Lewry) - Podiatrist
Debbie Rothsay (Lewry)
Podiatrist, Hervey Bay (Advanced Foot Care)
Denholm Smith - Podiatrist
Denholm Smith
Podiatrist, North Lakes
Dominique Carnley - Podiatrist
Dominique Carnley
Podiatrist, Robina
Dr Luke Kelly - Musculoskeletal & Sports Podiatry Consultant
Dr Luke Kelly
Musculoskeletal & Sports Podiatry Consultant, Robina Physiologic
Dr Saul Geffen - Rehabilitation Specialist
Dr Saul Geffen
Rehabilitation Specialist
Ebonnie Twining
Associate Podiatrist, Kirwan (NQ Foot & Ankle Centre)
Elisha King
Podiatrist, Sale (The Foot and Ankle Clinic)
Emma Phelps - Podiatrist
Emma Phelps
Podiatrist, Thuringowa
Gemma Moyes - Podiatrist
Gemma Moyes
Podiatrist, Wembley Downs & Warwick
Genevieve Schweitzer - Podiatrist
Genevieve Schweitzer
Podiatrist, Stafford
Glen Evangelista - Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director
Glen Evangelista
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director
Glen Metassa - Supervising Podiatrist
Glen Metassa
Supervising Podiatrist, Shailer Park
Glen Richards - Director & Chief Of Strategy
Glen Richards
Director & Chief Of Strategy
Greg Dower - Podiatrist, Pedorthist & Founding Director
Greg Dower
Podiatrist, Pedorthist & Founding Director, Camp Hill
Hafsa Khalid - Podiatrist
Hafsa Khalid
Podiatrist, Hervey Bay (Advanced Foot Care)
Harry Thurecht - Podiatrist
Harry Thurecht
Podiatrist, West Perth (Hay St)
Hayley Outred - Podiatrist
Hayley Outred
Podiatrist, Boronia, Cranbourne & Pakenham
Hayley Sutcliffe - Podiatrist
Hayley Sutcliffe
Podiatrist, Hove
Hayley Van Den Berg - Podiatrist
Hayley Van Den Berg
Podiatrist, Rockhampton
Hayley Walker - Podiatrist
Hayley Walker
Podiatrist, Thuringowa & Townsville
Helen Fong - Podiatrist
Helen Fong
Podiatrist, Bathurst (Previously Keppel St Podiatry)
Hilary Child - Podiatrist
Hilary Child
Podiatrist, Bathurst (Previously Keppel St Podiatry)
Hong Siow - Podiatrist
Hong Siow
Podiatrist, Queenstown (Tripod Podiatry)
Ian Anderson - Podiatrist
Ian Anderson
Podiatrist, Kirwan (NQ Foot & Ankle Centre)
Ian Goodchild - Supervising Podiatrist
Ian Goodchild
Supervising Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Il-Hwan Oh - Podiatrist
Il-Hwan Oh
Podiatrist, Rockhampton
Jackson McBride - Podiatrist
Jackson McBride
Jacob Ghersinich - Podiatrist
Jacob Ghersinich
Podiatrist, Mittagong & Narellan
Jacqueline Finn - Podiatrist
Jacqueline Finn
Podiatrist, Devonport
Jake Yu - Podiatrist
Jake Yu
Podiatrist, Camp Hill
James Green - Podiatrist
James Green
Podiatrist, Devonport
James Harata-Lee - Podiatrist
James Harata-Lee
Podiatrist, Modbury
James Martino - Podiatrist
James Martino
Podiatrist, Wantirna
Jason Larkin - Podiatrist
Jason Larkin
Podiatrist, Bundaberg & Hervey Bay
Jayne Palmer - Podiatrist
Jayne Palmer
Podiatrist, Stirling
Jeremy Tran - Podiatrist
Jeremy Tran
Podiatrist, Toowoomba
Jessica Ngo - Podiatrist
Jessica Ngo
Podiatrist, Christies Beach
Jessie Bates - Podiatrist
Jessie Bates
Podiatrist, Wembley Downs
John Gallagher - Podiatrist
John Gallagher
Podiatrist, Thuringowa, Townsville & Hyde Park
Juliette Khorenko - Podiatrist
Juliette Khorenko
Podiatrist, Mackay
Justin Parker - Podiatrist
Justin Parker
Podiatrist, Aldinga, Hove & Modbury
Kate Parker - Podiatrist
Kate Parker
Podiatrist, Wodonga (Border Podiatry)
Kelly Marie Ogden - Podiatrist
Kelly Marie Ogden
Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Ken Yamamoto
Podiatrist, Mackay
Kiera Batista - Podiatrist
Kiera Batista
Podiatrist, Currambine & West Perth (Hay St)
Lachlan Crawford - Podiatrist
Lachlan Crawford
Podiatrist, Cairns & Edge Hill (PhyxMe Physio)
Leigh Saunders - Podiatrist
Leigh Saunders
Podiatrist, Cranbourne
Luke Hillas - Podiatrist
Luke Hillas
Podiatrist, Wodonga (Border Podiatry)
Madeline Paton - Podiatrist
Madeline Paton
Podiatrist, Wellington Point
Madison Knight - Podiatrist
Madison Knight
Podiatrist, Tweed Heads
Mark Demasi - Podiatrist
Mark Demasi
Podiatrist, Christies Beach
Matt Keating - Podiatrist
Matt Keating
Podiatrist, Wembley Downs & Warwick
Matthew Steed
Podiatrist, Ballarat
Michael Tomic - Podiatrist
Michael Tomic
Podiatrist, Burwood
Mitchell Paterson - Podatrist
Mitchell Paterson
Podatrist, Robina & Tweed Heads
Mitchell Podhajski
Podiatrist, Chadstone , East Bentleigh & Melbourne CBD
Molly Thomson - Podiatrist
Molly Thomson
Podiatrist, East Melbourne & Melbourne CBD
Monique Francis - Podiatrist
Monique Francis
Podiatrist, Blackwood & Modbury
Monique Jones - Podiatrist
Monique Jones
Podiatrist, Christies Beach & Unley
Myra Wang
Podiatrist, Shailer Park
Natalie Laurie - Podiatrist
Natalie Laurie
Podiatrist, Boronia, Cranbourne & Pakenham
Natalie Truong - Podiatrist
Natalie Truong
Podiatrist, Fortitude Valley & Stafford
Nidhi Solanki - Orthotist & Prosthetist
Nidhi Solanki
Orthotist & Prosthetist
Patrick Gallagher - Podiatrist
Patrick Gallagher
Podiatrist, Burwood
Patrick McMahon - Podiatrist
Patrick McMahon
Podiatrist, Jindalee , Kangaroo Point & The Gap
Paul Boudville - Podiatrist
Paul Boudville
Podiatrist, Casula & Hinchinbrook
Paul Ovaska - Podiatrist
Paul Ovaska
Podiatrist, Townsville
Paul Wang - Podiatrist
Paul Wang
Podiatrist, Bargara (Advanced Foot Care) & Bundaberg (Advanced Foot Care)
Pearl Tang - Podiatrist
Pearl Tang
Podiatrist, Bathurst (Previously Keppel St Podiatry)
Prue O'Mahony - Podiatrist
Prue O'Mahony
Podiatrist, North Lakes & Redcliffe
Rahmat Ansari - Podiatrist
Rahmat Ansari
Podiatrist, Modbury & Unley
Rainer Maier - Certified Orthotist
Rainer Maier
Certified Orthotist, Wantirna
Rebecca Harry - Podiatrist
Rebecca Harry
Podiatrist, Cleveland & Wellington Point
Rebecca Kennedy - Podiatrist
Rebecca Kennedy
Podiatrist, Stafford
Renee Smith
Senior Podiatrist, Kirwan (NQ Foot & Ankle Centre)
Renta Yamamoto - Podiatrist
Renta Yamamoto
Podiatrist, Mackay
Ria Kartika - Podiatrist
Ria Kartika
Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Robert Maronese - Podiatrist
Robert Maronese
Podiatrist, Hinchinbrook & Mittagong
Sam Lindsay - Podiatrist
Sam Lindsay
Podiatrist, Stafford
Sarah Flynn
Podiatrist, Hervey Bay (Advanced Foot Care)
Sarah Furlonger - Podiatrist
Sarah Furlonger
Podiatrist, Hervey Bay (Advanced Foot Care)
Sarah Rizk
Podiatrist, Stafford
Sebastian Buchanan - Podiatrist
Sebastian Buchanan
Podiatrist, Indooroopilly
Shannyn Hermann - Podiatrist
Shannyn Hermann
Podiatrist, Jindalee (previously Allsports Podiatry)
Sharon Sanders - Podiatrist
Sharon Sanders
Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Shevon Weerasuriya - Podiatrist
Shevon Weerasuriya
Podiatrist, McLaren Vale, Unley & Queenstown (Tripod Podiatry)
Simon McSweeney - Podiatrist
Simon McSweeney
Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Simon Moloney - Podiatrist
Simon Moloney
Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Simon Webb - Podiatrist
Simon Webb
Podiatrist, Moorebank
Sonia Konstantinovic - Podiatrist
Sonia Konstantinovic
Podiatrist, Boronia & Wantirna
Sophie Su - Podiatrist
Sophie Su
Podiatrist, Palmerston
Stacey Keating - Podiatrist
Stacey Keating
Podiatrist, Wembley Downs
Steven Garoni - Podiatrist
Steven Garoni
Podiatrist, Wodonga (Border Podiatry)
Stuart Cameron - Podiatrist
Stuart Cameron
Podiatrist, Hervey Bay (Advanced Foot Care)
Tara Celenza - Podiatrist
Tara Celenza
Podiatrist, Warwick
Taylah-Rose De Bono - Podiatrist
Taylah-Rose De Bono
Podiatrist, Devonport
Tayler Tatarelli - Podiatrist
Tayler Tatarelli
Podiatrist, Bargara (Advanced Foot Care) & Bundaberg (Advanced Foot Care)
Theresa Nguyen - Podiatrist
Theresa Nguyen
Podiatrist, Hope Island & Robina
Thomas O'Connell - Podiatrist
Thomas O'Connell
Podiatrist, Hope Island
Tony Choo  (Minhyeok Choo) - Podiatrist
Tony Choo (Minhyeok Choo)
Podiatrist, Blacktown
Tony Pascoe
Principal Podiatrist, Kirwan (NQ Foot & Ankle Centre)
Vy Pham - Podiatrist
Vy Pham
Podiatrist, Gumdale
Wei Lui - Podiatrist
Wei Lui
Podiatrist, Burwood
Yu Chieh (Jake) Yu - Podiatrist
Yu Chieh (Jake) Yu
Podiatrist, Camp Hill
Zaakiyah Mohammed - Podiatrist
Zaakiyah Mohammed
Podiatrist, Camp Hill & Bulimba
Zoe Yarker - Podiatrist
Zoe Yarker
Podiatrist, Gladstone