Elisha relocated in 2021 to Sale, Victoria from the Mid-North coast of New South Wales with her partner and their golden retriever “Harvey”.  

Elisha graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2017 with distinction as well as receiving the Faculty of Health and Medicine Medal for her academic achievements. Elisha completed placements in Walgett with Aboriginal medical services as well as the high-risk foot clinic in Launceston, Tasmania. Elisha has been fortunate to work alongside some very knowledgeable and passionate podiatrists over the last few years which has been fundamental in her appreciation towards to the profession.  

Elisha has a special interest in keeping up to date with new research and treatment options and is an active member of the Australian Podiatry Association and was part of the New South Wales regional committee and the 2020 State conference committee.  

Elisha is passionate towards all aspects of podiatry however has a keen interest in paediatric lower limb concerns and the management of chronic health conditions such as Diabetes.  Elisha also described herself as being talented with a scalpel and enjoys providing relief from stubborn ingrown toenails both surgically or conservatively.  

Outside of work you will find Elisha with Harvey the golden retriever and hopefully participating at the weekly parkrun event.