The Ritchie brace is a type of Ankle-Foot Orthosis. It will easily fit in most styles of walking/running shoes and has a custom-made foot orthosis with an articulated ankle brace. It has a lightweight and low-profile design and can be used while running and playing sport.

In order to manufacture the Ritchie brace, a cast is taken of the foot and ankle and our experienced podiatrists and Orthotists write a prescription based on your needs and treatment goals. The Ritchie brace is often used in cases where standard custom foot orthoses have failed to resolve symptoms, but surgery is not indicated or suitable.

The Ritchie Brace is a specially designed Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO) which is used for complex conditions requiring high levels of support for the foot and ankle.


  • Tibialis posterior dysfunction (collapsed arch and ankle pain)
  • Adult acquired flat foot (collapsed arch and arthritic foot pain)
  • Peroneal tendinopathy or diminished peroneal muscle function
  • Mild Drop foot

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