Brittany Fung - Podiatrist

Brittany is a passionate and dedicated podiatrist with a strong commitment to providing comprehensive foot and ankle care to her patients. She joined the My FootDr team after graduating from the Queensland University of Technology in 2021 and has been working with the team at Camp Hill ever since.

Driven by her keen interest in footwear and orthotic prescription, Brittany is interested in assessing and addressing the unique biomechanical needs of her patients. With a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between foot health and proper footwear, she empowers individuals to make informed choices for their foot care, enhancing their overall well-being and mobility.

One area of expertise lies in the treatment of ingrown toenails and performing Partial Nail Avulsion procedures. With her gentle approach and meticulous attention to detail, she has successfully helped many patients find relief from this common yet often painful condition. Her compassionate demeanor and expertise have earned her the trust and gratitude of her patients.

Brittany is trained and experienced in:

Orthotic and Footwear prescription in treating lower limb conditions

Partial Nail Avulsion procedures

Verruca Pedis Swift and Cryotherapy treatments

Shockwave therapy, Foot Joint Mobilisations

Fungal nail laser therapy

Keryflex nail restoration treatment

Always eager to expand her knowledge and skill set, Brittany is currently pursuing advanced training in above-the-ankle pathology and treatment. By broadening her scope of practice, she aims to further enhance her ability to address complex foot and ankle conditions, ultimately improving the quality of care she provides to the community.

Outside of work, Brittany loves spending time with her family and friends travelling and exploring new and delicious food!