My-FootDr-Fortitude-ValleyThe My FootDr Fortitude Valley podiatry clinic is located on Brunswick Street in central Brisbane.

As a standard, the centre is well appointed with state of the art podiatric equipment, such as video gait analysis equipment for comprehensive biomechanical examinations, 3D foot scanning for the manufacturing of custom-foot orthotics and a dedicated surgical room for ingrown toenail surgeries and general footcare.

Our podiatrist, Sam Lindsay can help treat a wide range of foot, ankle and lower leg conditions. He specialises in helping office workers, athletes and senior overcome common conditions including heel pain (plantar fasciitis), Achilles Tendinopathy, medial tibial periostitis (shin splints), bunions (hallux valgus), forefoot pain (Morton’s neuroma), foot and ankle sprains, knee pain (e.g. patellofemoral pain syndrome) and sports injuries.

In our onsite shoe store, we stock a range of orthotic friendly shoes including brands like New Balance, Ziera, Vionic and Orthoheel.

Meet Our Team at Fortitude Valley

Sam Lindsay
Lincoln Sibley
Cristina Smundin