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Dr Luke Kelly

Dr Luke Kelly, Biomechanist for Cricket Australia

Dr Luke Kelly, Biomechanist for Cricket AustraliaDr Luke Kelly is a highly credentialed Podiatrist, having extensive experience gained both within Queensland and internationally. He has provided expertise for a number of national and international professional sporting organisations and athletes, including Cricket Australia, members of the Socceroos, the Qatar National Football Team, The Algerian National Football team and Paris St Germain Football Club. Dr Kelly has also worked as the onsite Podiatrist for the IAAF World Indoor Athletics Championships (2010), ATP and WTP Tennis tournaments (Qatar 2010-2012) and European Golf Tour (Qatar Masters 2012). Luke is currently the Biomechanics consultant for Cricket Australia.

Specific areas of interest:

  • Biomechanics of the lower limb and foot
  • Biomechanical evaluation of running technique
  • Musculoskeletal overuse injury in the legs and feet
  • Foot orthoses prescription and design
  • Strength training programs for the feet and legs
  • Child and adolescent sporting injuries
  • Cricket Biomechanics and injury

Dr Kelly holds a position as Biomechanics Research Fellow, at The University of Queensland. He is actively involved in research exploring the biomechanics of the foot during locomotion. Put simply his research explores the questions – How does the foot function when we walk and run? And how do the muscles of the leg and foot support our feet to allow us to perform such a wide array of functions like walking, running and jumping? Luke’s research also explores how footwear and orthotics influence leg and foot muscle function and the impact this has on the foot. His research has been published widely in sports science and medicine journals and he regularly presents at conferences, both within Australia and internationally. He is a member of the scientific committee for Sports Medicine Australia.  An overview of Luke’s research can be found here.

Luke has been actively involved in sport for his entire life, and alongside his wife, enjoys sharing this passion with their four young children.