Ben has been with the My FootDr Camp Hill team since 2019, where he first started his journey in podiatry. Later he acquired his Bachelor of Podiatry degree in 2022 from the Queensland University of Technology.

While studying podiatry, Ben worked at Camp Hill’s orthotics and pedorthics lab. He was and continues to be, mentored by industry leading podiatrists and pedorthists, exposing him to a very diverse case load. Even before graduating, he has been heavily involved in the manufacture of footwear and complex ankle braces. His role involved fabricating orthotics, modifying footwear, and specifically, leading the team customising cricket shoes for sister company, Custom Cricket Shoes. Whether it be complex shoe build ups, rocker-soles, relasting or shoe buttresses, Ben can manage these footwear modifications in house. Ben’s fairly unique skillset with shoe modification and sports specific footwear prescription places Ben in good stead to manage any presentation.

Ben was lucky enough to work and rub shoulders with elite cricket players from all of the world, while he worked with Custom Cricket Shoes. He is a leader in cricket specific shoe modifications and this is an area that he finds really exciting.

Outside of work Ben enjoys keeping up with the cricket and participating in any sport he can.