I’m Shevon, a dedicated podiatrist with 16 years of experience. My passion lies in both people and foot health, It’s incredibly fulfilling to hear my patients say they feel heard and understood and that together we have come up with an appropriate plan to improve their foot health.

I have worked in all walks of life of podiatry, from sports medicine clinics to Psychiatric prisons, there not much that I have not seen when it comes to feet. My current interests are foot and ankle injuries, managing foot conditions related to disabilities like those from autism, stroke, arthritis, MVA, Injury prevention and much more. I’ve come to appreciate the challenge of tackling complex foot issues that others may shy away from.

Recommending shoes for my clients can be quite a challenge in today’s ever-evolving shoe industry. I try to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to ensure my patients get the best support for their foot health.

Outside of podiatry, I love playing badminton, hiking, snorkeling, and enjoying the great outdoors.

My goal is to support you on your journey to better foot health and a more vibrant life. looking forward to working together to help you get back to your best self!