Larry Sakellarides - Podiatrist

Larry graduated from La Trobe University as a Podiatrist completing his double degree with a Bachelor of Applied Science/Master of Podiatric Practice in 2021. Prior to this, he also has completed a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science degree, Remedial Massage Diploma and a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy) degree.

Larry’s clinical experience has spanned over 11 years now and he also has over 8 years of academic experience as a remedial/myotherapy teacher. His clinical work has seen him across the private sector working in multiple clinics, with major elite sporting teams and olympic level athletes. He has also developed experience in the public sector including leading hospitals and community health centres. Larry currently also works closely with the NDIS and aged care demographics outside of My FootDr.

The combination of Larry’s long experience has made him a well rounded and holistic practitioner who believes that patient centred care, communication and education are amongst the most important aspects of a sound management plan. Larry’s podiatry interests include but are certainly not limited to dermatological, biomechanical, high risk feet (wound management), surgical and paediatrics. Larry loves to draw on all of his modalities when assessing/treating to ensure his patients receive all that he can provide.

Larry believes that your feet can be often neglected despite literally holding you up all day and there is a strong relationship between concerns in your feet and the rest of your body. Larry prides himself on providing options to choosing the best management plan as supported by evidence and will always choose as conservative as possible.

Larry loves to travel and embrace all that the world has to offer with his soon to be wife and generally has a strong sense of adventure and risk taking but just as much loves to have family time at home around delicious food and his dogs.