Podiatrist Brad Lester

Brad is the Senior Podiatrist at our new Modern and stylish CBD Clinic. Brad has a vast knowledge in Custom foot Orthotic prescription and manufacturing with a keen interest in sports biomechanics. In 2020 Brad help set up the iOrthotics USA 3D printing facility in New York City before returning home to the new CBD MyFootDr Clinic. Brad Graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a bachelor of Podiatry and also has a degree in Exercise and Sport science from the Australian Catholic University. Brad Specialises in the following treatments:

  • Foot pain, heel pain, arch pain, forefoot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain
  • Orthotic therapy (custom insoles for lower limb pain and gait correction)
  • Paediatrics 
  • Footwear prescription (casual shoes – exercise shoes – supportive shoes)
  • Ingrown Toenail surgery 
  • Fungal toenails (laser treatment)
  • Shockwave therapy (soft tissue injuries of the lower limb) 
  • Gait analysis (including walking and running gait)
  • Diabetes assessment and education 

Brad has a real passion for helping others and always provides his patients with the best possible treatment options. Brad’s interests include cricket, AFL and anything outdoors.