Hello, my name is Seipati, and I’m a Podiatrist at My Foot Dr. in Bathurst. I am friendly, easy-going, and a compassionate clinician. Apart from my passion for podiatry, one of the things I enjoy about my job is meeting different people and engaging in good, meaningful conversations, as we always have something new to learn from each other. I obtained my Podiatry degree from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2015.

I have recently relocated to Australia to pursue my passion in Podiatry. With my 8 years of experience as a Podiatrist, I am an all-rounder Podiatrist with an interest in pain relief and improving the quality of life for all my patients. I always strive to excel in providing good quality healthcare, ensuring patient satisfaction, and continuous personal and professional improvement.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading medical journals related to Podiatry and advancements in the field. I am also family-oriented and cherish spending time and making memories with my loved ones. I appreciate walking and exploring the beautiful historical town of Bathurst and look forward to experiencing more of this vibrant community.

I am eager to meet everyone and make a difference in the community, one foot at a time.