My FootDr Podiatry Bathurst (Keppel St Podiatry)

Welcome to My FootDr Bathurst!

At My FootDr Bathurst (Previously Keppel St Podiatry) our podiatrists are specially trained in the latest techniques and technology to address problems of the feet and lower legs of people of all ages. The conditions we treat include dry skin/cracked heels, foot, hip & knee pain, fungal nailsheel pain, and ingrown toenails (onychocryptosis).

Our Bathurst podiatrists have a special interest in treating the numerous pains and complaints that are associated with work boots and the type of demanding work that this footwear entails.

Our premises are on Keppel St, close to lovely cafes, specialty shops, the Library and Railway Station. We have wheelchair access, comfortable rooms and a strict privacy policy.