Maddy graduated from QUT with her bachelor’s degree in Podiatry in 2013. Wanting to challenge herself, Maddy moved to Gladstone straight after uni. Working in a regional clinic, Maddy found that she was treating a diverse range of foot problems right from the start. This was a fantastic learning experience and Maddy worked up there for 3 years before deciding to head closer to home.

Initially finding temporary work as a locum podiatrist in Tweed Heads on the Gold Coast, the clinic soon changed hands and joined the My Foot Dr fold. It is at this point in late 2016 that Maddy became a full-time member of the My Foot Dr group. Taking on the senior podiatrist role of the clinic, Maddy works 5 days a week at the Tweed clinic.

Maddy joined the My Foot Dr group during an integral period of growth for the company. Having just merged with other Queensland podiatry groups, it soon ballooned out nationally to become the vast network that is: Healthia. Maddy is a strong supporter of innovation and, having experience in an isolated region, values the connections this type of network can provide. Leaping at the opportunities for growth, Maddy has been involved in some of the behind the scenes work in Healthia. Maddy is currently an active member of the Podiatry Clinical Advisory Committee as well as the Healthia Professional Development Committee. She has also been a founding and returning member of the Organising Committee for the Healthia conferences. Maddy loves being involved in groups like this where she can play a role in the betterment of the podiatry profession.

Maddy has always had a passion for the problem-solving aspect of podiatry. A strong understanding of the anatomy of the lower limbs and a love of puzzles has helped Maddy to provide a range of innovative and creative treatment solutions for patients in her clinic. Nothing gives Maddy greater joy than to work together with her patients to help them reach their goals. Whether this be to resolve foot pain, fix an ingrown toenail, reduce the risk of falls, recover from an injury, return to sport or simply to improve comfort. Because of this keen interest in all things complicated, Maddy became one of the founding members of a special interest group within Healthia, the Able Motion group. This group has a focus on assisting patients with complex needs. Maddy thoroughly enjoys working with patients that struggle with disability to be able to find solutions that can improve their quality of life. As a member of Able Motion, Maddy has a greater scope of treatments she can offer her patients, such as custom footwear, AFOs, SMOs or footwear modification to name but a few. Maddy finds this work very rewarding and will continue to branch out into this area.

More recently, Maddy has expanded on her podiatry role to take on a position as a Regional Mentor, supporting the South East Queensland sector of Healthia. Maddy is excited about connecting members of the Healthia network more cohesively to foster community spirit. With so many different disciplines coming together under the one banner, our podiatrists have far more resources at their disposal that they can bring to their patients.