Podiatrist Tweed Heads

Podiatrist Tweed HeadsAt My FootDr Tweed Heads, our podiatrists provide our patients with innovative podiatry solutions so they’re not limited by foot pain and can enjoy a happier better life. Our Tweed Heads podiatry clinic is modern, spacious and is staffed by our own caring team of accredited podiatrists and podiatry assistants and the latest podiatry equipment including video gait analysis and 3D foot scanners.

Our podiatrists can help treat a wide range of foot, ankle and lower leg conditions from common skin and nail problems including ingrown nails, corns and callus, bunion and fungal toenails. Plus we specialise in treating heel pain (plantar fasciitis), Achilles Tendinopathy, medial tibial periostitis (shin splints), bunions (hallux valgus), forefoot pain (Morton’s neuroma), foot and ankle sprains, knee pain (e.g. patellofemoral pain syndrome) and sports injuries.

Meet Our Team at Tweed Heads

Madison Knight
Mitchell Paterson