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My FootDr Podiatrists Treat Bunions

My FootDr Podiatrists Treat BunionsBunions are one of the most common foot disorders that affect people.

At My FootDr we aim to see patients with healthy feet preventing the early development of bunions. Bunions are characterized by a bony lump seen at the ball of the foot around the big toe. The lump is a combination of bursa (fluid filled sack) which builds up and hardens in response to pressure. Over time, patients with bunions will notice the bony lump enlarging and pain developing around the joint. This can make simple tasks such as walking and wearing shoes uncomfortable and painful.

As pain worsens and inflammation increases an angular deformity of the big toe can occur, in medical terms, Hallux Abducto Valgus (HAV). When HAV develops the big toe deviates towards the smaller toes. This deformity can impair balance, cause long term pain and make footwear shopping a difficult task.


Causes of bunions