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My FootDr Podiatrists Treat Bunions

Bunions are one of the most common foot problems affecting both men and women.

If you’re worried about developing a bunion, or have recently started seeing changes in the shape of your bones, we can help.

Bunions are characterised by a bony bump seen on the inside of the foot, by the big toe joint. They develop gradually over time and many people will not experience any pain or discomfort unless the bunion is irritated by tight shoes that rub against it. Others may notice marked swelling and redness as a direct response to pressure and high loads on the joint.

As the bunion progresses, the associated bones and joints change shape, with the big toe angling to face the smaller toes. While this shape may start out being flexible (meaning that you can pull your toe straight with your fingers), over time this becomes a fixed and rigid deformity, often developing arthritis at the later stages. This can impair balance, cause long term pain and make footwear shopping a difficult task.

At My FootDr, we aim to help prevent the early development of bunions by addressing the factors that overload your big toe joint and kickstart the bunion developing.


What causes bunions?