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Why does the bottom of my foot hurt

My FootDr Foot PainIt is one of the most asked questions we get: why does the bottom of my foot hurt so much? Conditions such as heel or arch pain can make waking up and getting out of bed every morning difficult.

Feet are made up of many small bones, muscle ligaments, tendons, and other body tissue – and pinpointing the problem is not something you can easily do yourself. It requires the specialised knowledge of a podiatrist to be able to assess your feet for any underlying problems.

For the many Australians who live with pain on the bottom of their foot, the issue is not something that will simply disappear overnight or even over time without proper treatment. So if you fall into this category, you’re better off doing something about it now. For many people who come in and ask us why the bottom of their foot hurts, we discover that they are waking up with one of the most common causes of foot and heel pain in adults – plantar fasciitis.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes severe pain under the heel bone or pain in the arch, indicating inflammation of the long band of tissue under the foot. People experiencing this condition generally describe the pain as a stone bruise type pain, or as if they are walking on a stone or a bony heel spur. The pain is often worse in the first few steps each morning, after sitting down, or towards the end of the day.

How to treat pain at the bottom of your foot

Left untreated, heel or arch pain will persist for a long time. Though pain at the bottom of your foot can be caused by several problems, it is most commonly the result of overuse or lack of support from wearing inappropriate footwear.

Diagnosing and treating the condition must be done with the help of a podiatrist. At My FootDr. our podiatrists take a detailed history, perform a physical assessment, use video walking analysis, and take a 3D foot scan to find out what’s causing your foot pain.

Once the cause is identified, we develop a personalised treatment plan to target and manage your foot pain.

It might be as simple as recommending a change in your footwear or exercises to improve the biomechanics of the foot. Custom-made foot orthotics can also be prescribed to provide precise support for your individual foot condition.

The sooner you get to a podiatrist, the sooner you can get to the bottom of your foot condition! Book an appointment at My FootDr. today.


What causes Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is caused by inflammation along the long band of tissue under the foot. This inflammation can be triggered by repetitive strain from excessive running or walking, unsuitable footwear, or jumping. If tension and stress along this band of tissue becomes too strong it can cause small tears along the fascia. Repeated strain and tearing can further inflame the tissue.

How do I relieve foot pain?

When trying to relieve your foot pain it is important to first assess for any underlying problems that may be causing your discomfort. These assessments can be performed by a qualified podiatrist. For short term relief it can be helpful to soak your feet in a footbath of soapy lukewarm water, stretch your feet muscles, massage your foot, or apply ice to the area.

What shoes cause foot pain?

Shoes with poor arch support can cause significant foot pain when worn for prolonged periods of time. When you wear shoes such as flip-flops, your foot muscles are put under increased strain to compensate for the lack of arch support. This is wearing out your feet and causing them to ache.