The Foot and Ankle Clinic Sale

Welcome to The Foot and Ankle Clinic Sale!

The Foot and Ankle Clinic has proudly partnered with the My FootDr group and will continue to provide patients with the same quality of podiatry care from the same friendly faces you have grown to know and trust.

Our clinics are committed to providing the highest quality foot care to the community. Offering solutions for foot and lower limb conditions, our team is dedicated to keeping you comfortable, healthy, and on your feet! From heel pain to nail fungus, The Foot and Ankle Clinic has been providing foot care solutions for close to 25 years.

In addition to our highly qualified and experienced podiatrists, The Foot and Ankle Clinic boasts a team of friendly and caring Podiatry assistants, expert shoe fitting specialists and a Foot and Ankle Surgeon. All of our staff dedicate themselves to providing the standard of care you deserve.

The Foot and Ankle Clinic Sale (partnered with My FootDr) is conveniently located on Raymond Street and the team continues to service its local community as well as the neighbouring suburbs of Wurruk, Pearsondale, East Sale and Cobains.