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Check out this Kids on the Move activity for some spooky fun that will get your kids moving!

Halloween Freddy YetiLet’s make Halloween even more fun this year with this spooktacular trick-or-treat themed activity. Follow these simple steps to get your kids moving as they enjoy Halloween at home!

What you will need:

Paper and a printer OR paper and a pen
• Scissors
• Reusable plastic Jack O‘lanterns OR a hat or bowl
• Tape, ideally masking or painters’ tape
Optional – Halloween treats such as chocolates, lollies or your own healthy alternatives!

1. Print this document or write down the exercise options onto paper
2. Cut out the exercises and fold them.
3. Place the folded exercises into reusable Jack O‘lanterns OR put them into a hat or bowl.

Jack O‘lanterns

1. Place the folded exercises into the Jack O‘lanterns and hide them inside your home and/or outside.
2. Use the tape to make an “X” for each child to complete/start their exercises on.
3. As the children find the Jack O‘lanterns, they run to their “X” to do the exercise. Once they have completed the exercise, they can run and find another one. Continue until all of the Jack O‘lanterns have been found.

Optional – everytime the children complete an activity or ‘trick’ they recieve a Halloween treat.


Hat or Bowl

1. Place the folded exercises into a hat or bowl.
2. Use small paper and/or tape to make numbers 1-10 in different places throughout your home or back garden.
3. The children select an exercise option out of the hat or bowl. An adult reads out the number and the children run to that number. The adult reads the exercise. Once the exercise is complete, the children run back to draw another exercise option out of the hat or bowl. Continue until the hat or bowl is empty.
Optional – everytime the children complete an activity or ‘trick’ they receive a Halloween treat.

Get creative and add more exercises!
We have provided ten exercise options in the downloadable PDF – why not add a few of your own? If you are finding that the exercise options are too easy or difficult for your child’s age change them to suit.

Having fun? Share it with your friends and extended family!

Download and Print Here

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