Ankle Pain

Sprained your ankle or have general ankle pain? We can help.

The foot and ankle bear significant amounts of weight in day-to-day life, however, their highly complex structure is concentrated into a narrow and therefore vulnerable space. Although many foot problems can develop over time, ankles are susceptible to acute injury.

Causes of Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is most often caused by a direct sprain. This is an injury to the ligaments, which connect the bones to one another and in most cases, the ankle is twisted inwards causing small tears. The tearing leads to swelling and bruising which makes it harder to bear weight on the ankle joint.

The pain in the ankle can vary depending on the degree of damage to the ligaments and the surrounding soft tissue, however most ankle pain is accompanied by some level of swelling and bruising.

Treatment for Ankle Pain

Treatment for sprains should consist of protection through the use of a support or wear good footwear. Don’ forget RICE (rest , ice, compression and elevation).

Other causes for experiencing pain in the ankle include conditions such as Achilles Tendonitis or structural problems such as ankle instability. If there is damage or swelling of the tendons or cartilage around the ankle joint, or the joint is infected, this can also cause pain.

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as Gout and Reiter’s syndrome, can all contribute to ankle pain.

There are several issues that may cause you to feel pain in the ankle yet actually originate from different areas – these include heel pain, nerve injuries and blockage of the blood vessels in the leg.

A podiatrist will be able to help to accurately diagnose the cause of the pain and work to relieve it.

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