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Heel pain my footdr

Pain after workIf you’ve had ongoing heel pain for some time, especially heel pain that is worse first thing in the morning or when standing after rest, then you may have developed a heel spur. Your heel spur, however, is not likely to be the cause of your heel pain.

Instead, a heel spur is often a side effect of the real underlying cause of your heel pain, like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. By treating these underlying causes, all symptoms are often relieved, meaning that heel spurs often require no treatment.

When you have heel pain, other health professionals may be quick to tell you that a heel spur is the cause. This is wrong, stemming from a longstanding misconception. Imaging studies have shown that people with heel pain do not always have heel spurs, and that people with heel spurs do not always have any heel pain.

What Are Heel Spurs?