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Winter Foot Health

If you’ve ever experienced the toll that foot pain can have on your life, you’ll know how important your foot health is in helping you lead an active and fulfilled life. Unfortunately, many Australians still shrug away foot pain, don’t pay attention to the condition of their feet, or use medication to dull their symptoms instead of treating the cause of the problem with the help of their podiatrist.

With Foot Health Month just around the corner in October, it’s the perfect time to take back control of your foot health.

Our Feet Need Care

Your feet are complex and sensitive machines. They contain a quarter of the bones in your body, as well as a total of 159 muscles, joints and ligaments. Consider the demands that we make on our feet every day – they must carry our full weight, transmit shock and other forces as they hit the ground, and complete every action we need – from running to hiking uphill to pinpoint ballet. It’s no surprise that they ache, become injured, or develop physical problems like corns or calluses. It’s also no surprise that they need regular care, especially as we only have one pair of feet to see us through every step of our lives.

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Podiatrists Are The Experts In Foot Care

While podiatrists may not be the first health professional that comes to mind when foot pain develops, they’re the only ones that have dedicated their entire studies and careers to caring solely for the feet and legs. As foot health experts, podiatrists can help you by:

  • Treating your muscular pain and injury, helping prevent it from returning in the future
  • Helping reduce your end-of-day fatigue on your feet or legs
  • Helping improve your stability and gait, reducing your falls risk
  • Helping improve your performance during sports, from cycling to marathons and more
  • Helping reduce your risk of complications from conditions like diabetes, where diabetic foot disease is the biggest cause of lower limb amputation aside from traumatic injury
  • Customising your shoes to help you feel or perform better
  • Treating your skin and nail conditions, like corns, calluses, warts, thickened or fungal nails, and more
  • Improving the appearance of your nails with nail restoration

Our Foot Health Month Offer To You

Australians are recommended to have a complete foot health check every year, just like your oral health check with your dentist.

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