Kids on the Move

Welcome to the Kids on the Move corner of My FootDr!

Our goal is to provide families with healthy activities, big facts on little feet, and content to educate and entertain.

It goes without saying that children are always growing and changing. As podiatrists, we appreciate that little feet grow into big feet and keeping kids active and moving is an important part of keeping them healthy as they grow. Each month we’ll be providing fun activities to help keep Aussie kids active and engaged.


Meet Freddy & Betty Yeti!




This brother and sister duo are always on the move with their little “big feet” supporting them every step of the way. Thankfully, they make sure trips to the podiatrist aren’t a rare sighting. Freddy and Betty visit podiatrist Pete at their local My FootDr. Podiatrist Pete encourages families to adopt a preventative wellness approach to foot health, just like visiting the dentist!



My FootDr’s 5 Big Tips for Healthy Little Feet

  1. Screen your child early for early detection of common problems
  2. Stomp out problems quickly if pain or symptoms persist
  3. Choose the right footwear for active, growing feet
  4. If required, wear custom shoe orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist
  5. Commit to an annual check-up
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