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Hi-Tech 3D Printed Foot Orthotics

It’s time to review your custom Orthotics!

It’s been a while since your initial orthotic fitting and the time has come for us to book in a review your custom orthotics.

This appointment is extremely important so our Podiatrists can review the condition and wear pattern of your custom orthotics, as well as the main shoes they are being worn in. Our Podiatrists will also review your prescription to ensure it still meets your specific needs.

We use some of the most advanced technology in the country to create either 3D printed or soft flexible orthotics and can arrange to update your existing orthotics within 10 business days following your review appointment.

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What To Expect At Your Review Visit

Most review visits take approximately 15 minutes, however if you’ve got some aches and pains we’ll normally allow 30 minutes for the appointment. During your visit your Podiatrist will:

  1. Review orthotic wear and tear – You’ve invested good money into your orthotics, so it’s important to make sure they are wearing correctly. If an area is showing signs of excessive wear, reinforcing may be required, and this will prolong their lifespan.
  2. Check covering materials – Covers are placed on the upper surface of the orthotics to protect the underlying materials. If covers are worn or not present, the underlying materials will wear out quicker.
  3. Review your current footwear – Footwear can have a huge impact on the success or failure of your orthotics, so it’s important to make sure you’re wearing the best shoe for you, your feet and your orthotics. 
  4. Review your initial symptoms – Ideally, we’d like to see you symptom-free, but sometimes this is not the case and your orthotics may require additional support, or you may need to consider other therapies, such as ultrasound, shockwave therapy or foot mobilization.
  5. Review prescribed exercises – Patients often forget how to do exercises and the one-year orthotic review is an ideal time to go over them again.
  6. Review strength and flexibility – If exercises are not being performed properly, certain muscles may become tighter than they should.
  7. Review the joint range of motion – It’s really important to make sure the joint of your big toe, the ankle joint, and the knee joint have normal range of motion. If any one of these three joints has limited motion it will have a direct effect on other joints.
  8. Visual walking assessment – this is not always necessary, but often your Podiatrist will want to see you walk again. This will not be a full biomechanical assessment, or video gait analysis, unless of course they feel it’s warranted, however, they would discuss this with you prior to commencing this detailed procedure.

Perfect Time To Order Additional Pairs

During your orthotic review visit you may also decide to order an additional pair of orthotics. Additional pairs are made at a reduced rate and many patients find obtaining additional pairs of orthotics quite convenient, especially if they’re moving one pair of orthotics from shoe to shoe, however, everyone’s needs are different and one pair may be quite sufficient.

If you have orthotics and find them extremely beneficial, it is important to look after them. It all begins by having regular 12 monthly orthotic reviews. If you have children with orthotics, it’s even more important to make and keep these appointments when they fall due.

To make your orthotic review appointment, book an appointment today or call your local My FootDr podiatry centre.

Terms and conditions:

*NO or LOW  GAP offers on appointments, assessments and orthotics are subject to patient’s health fund policy, annual limits, policy rules, the patient having the appropriate level of extras cover and health fund rebate processing through HICAPS at the time of the appointment. As such minimum accepted health fund rebates may apply to all NO or LOW GAP* items – ask your clinic for further details. Valid for existing My FootDr orthotic patients only. NO or LOW GAP offer applies to orthotic prescriptions only, excludes consultations with a podiatrist and any other products or services. Please contact the clinic for more details. *Offer valid until July 14, 2019.