Modbury Podiatry Centre

2/959 North East Rd
Modbury SA 5092

Podiatry Modbury Team Photomy FootDr Modbury (formerly Podiatry Care) is passionate about ensuring their patient’s feet and legs are healthy all year round. Our experienced team of Podiatrists are registered with The Podiatry Board of Australia, enabling them to legally diagnose and treat foot problems and foot pain complaints.

About this practice

Our Modbury podiatry centre was initially established by Gavin Daly in the early 1990’s and one of seven podiatry centres located in the metropolitan areas of Adelaide. The Podiatrists at this practice have a special interest in the treatment of heel pain, postural alignment, children’s foot problems and sports related foot and leg injuries. Other services include ingrown toe nail management, diabetic foot care, general foot care, footwear advice, corn and callus treatment.

How we can help with foot health:

Foot and leg pain can seriously affect the quality of your life. my FootDr Modbury take a personal approach to help look after their patient’s foot care needs. Using the resources of an experienced podiatry team and our world-class diagnostic technology, my FootDr Modbury is fully equipped to get to the cause of your pain and find a treatment solution that will help get you back on your feet.


Modbury News

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Summer sports a big hit on little feet

As thousands of Australian children sign up for summer sports programs, podiatrists warn many of them could be wearing shoes which permanently damage their feet.

Children spend on average 1000 hours a year in school shoes – and footwear required for popular sports such as cricket, netball, basketball and soccer also add additional pressure on growing feet. Continue reading Summer sports a big hit on little feet

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Little feet a big focus as Australia celebrates National Foot Health Month

Podiatrists are urging parents to take big steps for their children’s feet as part of National Foot Health Month, to help Aussie kids grow up living an active and pain-free life.

Australia’s largest podiatry group, My FootDr podiatry centres, has this month released new research revealing 81% of parents have never taken their child to visit a Podiatrist. Continue reading Little feet a big focus as Australia celebrates National Foot Health Month

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Put your best foot forward in the finals!

Cairns Netball teamNetball finals are just around the corner and athletes will be pushing their bodies to breaking point, striving to come home as strongly as possible. It’s the tail end of the season when bodies are tired, and this is a common time for netball injuries to happen.

There are two main categories of injuries that can occur – acute and chronic. Chronic injuries come about over a long period of time and are in broad terms “wear and tear” or repetitive type conditions. Continue reading Put your best foot forward in the finals!